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With DE in my experience any equipment other than maybe horrofexes are useless upgrades on vehicles raiders will be shot down fast as they need to get into position to take troops places meaning 1st turn 24" or 12" meaning your in range of most guns of the enemies, with ravagers they will make it thier aim to get into range with a big survivable tank killing unit or vehicle.

2nd point all your upgraded succubus's and sybarites are a waste of points currently they offer no additional LD only a bonus attack (and at S3 pretty pathetic and useless) either give them agoinisers for succubus' or poison blades for sybarites or trophy racks or dump em.

3rd point unless your warrior squads in raiders are just being set up to get a free raider for other units and camping with 1DL(not suggested) swap out for a splinter cannon - YOU CANT MOVE IN A VEHICLE ANY DISTANCE AND FIRE A HEAVY WEAPON FROM UNIT INSIDE.

4th point your archon needs re working as soul seeker ammo sucks as he only has one shot from his gun and second due to new rules his BS of 6 gives him a re-roll if he misses (even though it will hit again on a 6), xeno spasm good on paper - avergae in game I played with one and found it a point sink for other gear he could take

This should start your refining
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