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So what do you guys think?

+ Using the Baal Strikeforce detachment +

Sanguinary Priest
- Jump pack
- Valours Edge
- Bolt pistol
Joins the Sanguinary Guard

Librarian Dreadnought
- Heavy Flamer
- Drop pod
- lvl 2

10 man Tactical Squad
- Multi melta
- Melta gun

10 man Tactical Squad
- Heavy flamer
- Melta gun
- Power sword
- Rhino

10 man Sanguinary Guard
- 2 x Power fists
- Banner
deep strikes

Furioso Dreadnought
- Frag cannon
- Heavy flamer
- Drop pod
- Locator Beacon
comes in turn 1

- Overcharged engines
- Dozer blade

Ball Predator
- Twin linked assault Cannon
- Heavy bolter sponsons
- Dozer blade

Total is 1491 (I hate that bolt pistol...)
But would do we think? I know it struggles super heavy walkers due to their super saiyan melee attacks :/
Unfortunately I don't really own anything to sort that, although soon I'm getting some Sternguard and a Pod, would including those with 4-5 Combi-meltas be a plan?

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A couple of your points costs look a little borky, you might want to check over your math.

Aside from that why are you DSing the Sanguinary Guard? 400+ points (with attached Priest) doing jack all until T3 at the absolute soonest. At least if you use the Golden Host Formation they can assault out of said Deep Strike and their arrival can't be altered by your opponent. Also anyone you elect to be the Warlord will be a fairly easy point for anyone you're facing. What discipline are you rolling on for the Libbynaught?

Melta options for us can be less expensive than Sternguard. Off the top of my head:

Assault squad in a Pod w. 2x meltaguns, 2x inferno pistols on sergeant is 155
Command squad in a Pod w. 3x meltaguns is 165
Sternguard in a Pod w. 5x combi-meltas is 195
checked the points, I had missed a few small things so I've correct those in italics.

DSing the S.Guard always seemed better, I don't tend to fight armies that like to punch back (although I've just started at a new club and my assessment of the situation has been all of wandering around the hall and realising how fucked my non-meta forces were :so_happy:
I'm reluctant to use the formations beyond the codex because although I could buy Angels Blade, that'd at the sacrifice of more plastic, and I don't think I have the right plastic currently to actually use the stuff in Angels Blade.

I hadn't actually got to thinking about what psychic powers to use, I was thinking perhaps Sanguinary or Biomancy?

And although I'm aware of cheaper options for melta than sternguard, sternguard fulfill more than just melta, I already have a reason to buy them (they're my upcoming kill-team squad, although if they're no good I'll just sneak some heresy-era word bearers in :wink: )
Assault squad would be an easy option I already own, command squad, I'd have to create a champion but I've got all the relevant bits so that's a fine option.

I also thought perhaps I could remove the bolt pistol and Veritas vitae from my S.Priest, and have him just sit their injecting the S.Guard, that'd save effectively 25 points for whatever.

EDIT: Another thought, sniper scouts. Replace a tactical squad with some sniper scouts? Help to snipe out models I'd rather my opponent didn't have? If so, just 5? or more? Then all snipers? Or snipers and a heavy weapon?

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Off the top of my head, after your changes:

Should be 220, without the power sword they're 205.
defiantly 210, I don't have a veteran sergeant, maybe you're thinking of that?

Should be 175.
definitely 185, are you forgetting the locator beacon?
Unless for both cases the FAQ has changed their points, I'm going purely by codex.

Play it both ways, see which works for you. I quite literally can not start any jump CC based unit in Reserve without 'wasting' their potential.
Maybe I should try 'walking' them, I don't think I've done that for a while.

Also, Angel's Blade is absolutely crucial for us being subtly more effective. Really and truly. I posted a review months ago when it came out but the site never actually posted it up, if you're interested I'll find it on the other forum I dabble with and PM you with a copy/paste.
That review might be nice.
My main concern is that £30 is easily 1 box set, and all of the formations I've seen currently I don't own. So I thought it'd be better to buy the models first and use them as standard, then buy the formations once I can get some use out of them.
Similar arguments against playing 'red sphess mehrens'. It'd prevent me from using my Baal predator, S.Priests and S.guard for sure and I'd still lack all the shinies for the formations.

What role do you want the Libbynaught to hold?
um, beyond dropping in and smashing things I hadn't really thought. I could either make him better at smashing things, or make others better at smashing things, oh the decisions :ireful2:

In my experience whatever is dropped up close is going to get hit very hard back for whatever they try to do with those melta shots. The less spent (Assault marines) or the more survivable they are (Command squad) the better. My combi-melta Sternguard are collection/huge game only, they never are worth the almost 200 points I spend on them.
I can understand that, I thought a 10 man Sternguard squad could combat squad off, and I already have an incentive to buy Sternguard for kill team, although I don't need them for that. Command squad could be interesting.
Admittedly I've only played 1 game, and when I dropped down a single dreadnought turn 1 he didn't get shoot too hard, nor did his buddy on turn 2. So I thought perhaps the Sternguard wouldn't die that hard if they had a scary dreadnought at the same time. Although this also proves your 'walking' S.Guard point, they spent the entire game jerking off in orbit.

Valour's Edge is a great option for him, but he's still really really really squishy in the unit thanks to Challenges and SG not being Characters.
Have I missed something with challenges? I thought that characters had the right to refuse, and an unarmed S.Priest wouldn't be contributing much anyways...
Although the at initiative AP 2 is always nice against artificer armoured characters, I try to avoid throwing my S.Guard at TEQs.

Our Scouts got better with the recent FAQ but I still don't often use mine because I prefer to keep mobile. Eventually I'll have enough models to use the 10th Co. Formation out of AB but not just yet.
Yeah, I just wondered if having something for the backfield objective whilst also picking off special weapons would be a good plan.

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Defiantly even! Let's walk through it, shall we?

140 for 10 marines.
45 for a Rhino
20 for a meltagun and heavy flamer

It equals 205. If you want to add a power weapon to the sergeant it's 220.
45pts for a rhino is where I went wrong, I've always had it as 35 in my mind :/

Same goes for the Furioso, while we're at it.

130 for the Dreadnought, replacing the storm bolter arm with frag cannon
45 for a Pod with locator beacon

plus the heavy flamer is another 10pts - 185

You haven't missed anything, you can refuse a challenge and since he's the only Character in the unit your opponent would have to choose him to not get his attacks.

Who are you making your warlord?
S.Priest was going to be my warlord, I though he'd be the better choice since a dreadnought is always vulnerable to being 1 shot by any stray AT weapon, whereas the S.Priest as a whole squad of glorious, golden, nipply men to protect him.

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Swap either arm for a frag cannon, so swap the storm bolter arm and keep the heavy flamer (or meltagun) arm instead of paying for the frag cannon then paying for a weapon you just had a second ago.

The unit in a Pod with a locator beacon armed the way you have it is 175 dude. I'm not making this up :laugh:
you're quite right :) How'd I miss that after reading it 5 times over I don't know :(
I've read your angels blade review and I could run a few of the smaller formations with minimal effort.
which ones are the best for a 1500pt list? I can't see specifics of how it works without buying it and that makes me nervous :/

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Which ones can you run?[/quote
Assuming I buy a single box and/or run minimum squad sizes
- Golden Host
- Chapter Ancients
- Archangels Orbital Intervention Force
- Death Company Strike Force (at a push)
- Lost Brotherhood Strike Force (again at a push)

Which is actually a lot more than I first thought it would be :)

That review was all of the Formations; what they consist of and what they do. What more do you need?
Exacts, your review gives a general sense which is very helpful and within copyright laws :grin:
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