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So I'm back after a short break, and made a new list. Here's hoping there's not been a BA codex update in the last few months, the cover looked a bit different when I checked.

Chaplain- Melta bombs
- 95
runs with the death company, all the nice buffs. I would have put him in termie armour but I heard if even a single model attached to a squad is in terminator no one can sweeping advance

Land raider redeemer- Multi melta, extra armour, dozer blade
- 265
transports the death company around, flaming stuff and a little anti tank, few upgrades thrown in for spare points and mobility

10man Death company squad- x2 power fists, x4 power swords
- 310
rolls up in the land raider, charges out and fucks shit up, in theory

x2 10man Tactical squads- multi meltas, melta guns, melta bombs
- 2x165 330
x2 Rhinos- dozer blades
2x50 100
place themselves in good defensive positions on objectives and give covering fire to the death company moving in

x2 Vindicators- storm bolters, dozer blades
2x130 260
breaks up blobs the enemy and generally encourages them not to bunch up, making it easier on my DC.
I thought about giving them engines, I can clear a few dozer blades easily for those, yay or nay?

Predator- twin lascannons, sponson lascannons, dozer blade
- 145
[the main anti-tank stopping power, taking out anything I think could give me troubles[/I]

so that's my attempt. how's it look? I know it's not really got any AA, is that really an issue?

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Everything's pretty cool I suppose, though you can't put dozer blades on a Land Raider. I'd try to find the points for overcharged engines on the Predator personally.
I'm surprised that went so well first time then :)
my mistake on the land raider, I never realised that. so strip that dozer blade, plus maybe the Predators dozer to get the Predator the engines?
or I could remove one of the rhinos dozers, but that would make the squads asymmetrical :crying:
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