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1500pt balanced

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10 man, melta, ML, power weapon, razorback

10 man, plasma, ML, power weapon, razorback

2x melta, drop pod, power weapon

Terminator assault squad-200

Land Raider Crusader-260



The plan is for the Crusader to lead the spearhead and be supported by the razorbacks and the vindicators. The sternguard will drop into the enemy deployment zone and pop the heaviest armour the enemy has, or drop into the midfield and provide a speedbump and make vehicles think twice before coming close. The missile combat squads will provide fire support and pop transports, whilst defending the home objective. The vindicators will move up the flanks and blast chunks out of the enemy, distracting them from the raider. This way the enemy will have to decide whether to destroy the vindicators blowing chunks out of their army or the crusader filled with Khan and friends. The razorback squads will tie up smaller units from counter charging the terminators.

What do you think of the list?
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Razorbacks only hold 6 models, so those need to be rhinos which will give you 10 pts back. Put those 10 pts on to a DB for each of your vindicator. Vindicator is already vulnerable to getting popped from the side and needs to roll up to get its 24 inch range on, getting immobilized running through some terrain sucks.

I was running a similar list three months ago, trying to get khan to come through for me. I was going 3 x tacts with rhinos, no land raider. Playing a mission where only a few units start on the board and units are held in reserve he was rockstar. The outflanking rhinos dropped my tacts right where they got nasty. The furious charge and death dealing sword are cool and cost effective provided you're outflanking transports. Otherwise, hes not so cost effective imho.

I think vanilla land raider is the way to go. Its going to do its job of spitting out the termies right where they need to be to assault that same turn. Both TL-LC shooting different targets on either side the whole battle is almost always better. But it's SM/CSM heavy at our club.
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