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1500pt armored list - viable?

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Hey there,
I'm thinking about starting up a IA army and the new codex with tank commander can provide me with a list I've always wanted to try. My question is is this list viable in games? (My main opponent is chaos)

HQ - knight commander in executioner with plasma sponsons and camp netting.
Unit - punisher cannon with HB sponsons and camp netting
Troop 1-3 (all the same) - Vet squad with 3 plasma guns in chimeria
Fast - vendetta
Heavy 1 & 2 - battle cannon leman Russ tank with HB sponsons and camo netting.
Roughly 10pts shy of 1500pts.

The LM tanks sit by my board edge with the troops bubble wrapping and protecting suicide meltas. The vendetta is my anti air.

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Without this re-roll to hit you cannot re-roll the "Get's Hot!" die.
Good thing Pask comes with a re-roll not from preferred enemy then.
A re-roll on armor penetration, but not to hit. So he still cannot re-roll the "Gets Hot!" die as that requires the ability to re-roll misses.

Am I missing some rule that allows Pask to re-roll all misses?
Oh dammit, mistook the eradicator for the executioner again. No your not missing anything, my reading comprehension was a little off is all.

Honestly though, gets hot has such a low chance of stripping a single hull point, let alone several in the case of a full barrage from the executioner, that the re-roll isn't too necessary. I mean yeah, your ~8% chance of losing a hull point becomes just under 1.5%
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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