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1500pt armored list - viable?

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Hey there,
I'm thinking about starting up a IA army and the new codex with tank commander can provide me with a list I've always wanted to try. My question is is this list viable in games? (My main opponent is chaos)

HQ - knight commander in executioner with plasma sponsons and camp netting.
Unit - punisher cannon with HB sponsons and camp netting
Troop 1-3 (all the same) - Vet squad with 3 plasma guns in chimeria
Fast - vendetta
Heavy 1 & 2 - battle cannon leman Russ tank with HB sponsons and camo netting.
Roughly 10pts shy of 1500pts.

The LM tanks sit by my board edge with the troops bubble wrapping and protecting suicide meltas. The vendetta is my anti air.

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If you really want to bubble wrap your tanks, blobs are much better option for that, than veterans. They cover large area making a deepstrike at half range of a melta gun impossible.

I would also personally put Pask in the punisher, because having rending on it is really great, much better then firing large plasma shot, because if you wanted that kind of shot, you could take a demolisher in the first place, which is S10 and does not get hot.

I am not a big fan of leman russes armed with battle canon, because a basilisk is cheaper and it can do a similar kind of work with its barrage earthshaker cannon.

Against Chaos, you really need more AA guns. If your vendetta gets shot, you'll be powerless against heldrakes. You could perhaps give some AA missile launchers to your veteran squads. Not exactly the best option available, but it's a possibility.
Does the punisher have rending? Is that in a FAQ because the codex doesn't say rending. I went with the plasma's, because, maybe this isn't correct, but with preferred enemy, I can re-roll the 1's for get's hot? (Plus the plasma have increased range)
You get preferred enemy for the whole tank squad, so it does not matter where Pask is if that's you're worried about. However as far as I know, you don't get to re roll the one's for get hot anyway since you don't roll to hit. Pask however gives the punisher the rending rule, which in addition to his superior bs boosts the tank a lot more than it boosts an executioner in my opinion.

I would love to take basilisk(s), however, the minimum range on the earthshaker concerns me, as after turn 2-3, every enemy unit will likely be withing 36".
In my opinion people freak way too much because of the basilisk's minimal range. All it means is that you can't make direct shots under 36", but who cares? Your basilisk needs to be hidden all the time, due to its weak armor, so you won't likely make direct shots a lot anyway. Besides that BS 3 does not help that much, when it comes to deviations.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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