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1500pt armored list - viable?

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Hey there,
I'm thinking about starting up a IA army and the new codex with tank commander can provide me with a list I've always wanted to try. My question is is this list viable in games? (My main opponent is chaos)

HQ - knight commander in executioner with plasma sponsons and camp netting.
Unit - punisher cannon with HB sponsons and camp netting
Troop 1-3 (all the same) - Vet squad with 3 plasma guns in chimeria
Fast - vendetta
Heavy 1 & 2 - battle cannon leman Russ tank with HB sponsons and camo netting.
Roughly 10pts shy of 1500pts.

The LM tanks sit by my board edge with the troops bubble wrapping and protecting suicide meltas. The vendetta is my anti air.

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As per the Gets Hot special rule in the rulebook any blast weapons with the ability to reroll to hits also get to reroll failed Gets Hot. And as Preferred enemy confers a reroll on a 1 and a failed Gets hot is a roll of a 1 I'd say you get to reroll.

Also, OP find Pask's unit entry in the detailed rules section where it has all the bonuses he confers to Leman Russ variants. That's why the punisher has rending. It's around page 60 somewhere.
"On the issue of BS6+ and Get's Hot:
BRB Page 33
"If a model has the ability to re-roll its rolls To Hit (including because of BS6+, or Twin-linked), a Wound is only suffered if the To Hit roll is also a 1; it may also re-roll the Gets Hot results of 1 for weapons that do not roll To Hit""

So a model with preferred enemy has the ability to "reroll it's rolls To Hit of one", yes? The argument is that preferred enemy instils the ability to reroll to hit and there the last part of the sentence applies, "...it may also reroll the gets hot results for weapons that do not roll To Hit." Regardless of the fact of the number required. As per the BS6 part too apparently.

I don't want to open a can of worms. So there's the two sides of the rules interpretation. And generally if these rules were to crop up in a game id ask the opponents view on them before playing and sort it like that.

Also, Pask doesn't have an ability to reroll Executioner to hits through any other means than preferred enemy. Only Battle cannon, Vanquisher and demolisher iirc?
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A model with preferred enemy does not have "re-roll to hit." It is granted this re-roll if, and only if, you roll a 1 to hit.

Let's focus on OP's list and continue this rules discussion here:
Don't all weapons that can reroll to hit only have a reroll if they miss? Regardless of it being a miss roll of a certain number? Also, page 13 of the rulebook says models with a BS of 6 or greater only gain a reroll on a to hit roll of 1, yet these are allowed a reroll on the gets hot.

Anywho. I did say I don't want to open a can of worms further. Both sides can and are hotly debated everywhere in many forums. Decide at your gaming club or on an opponent to opponent basis be it die roll or just an agreed stance. I only mentioned it in the first place because OP wasn't sure. Personally I'd take Pask in a punisher and an exterminator with a seperate executioner as a HS.
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