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Hi all, this is the list I'm currently using for my casual games against my brother.

Farseer Skyrunner w/ spirit stone remnent
Autarch w/ banshee mask, warp jump generator, deathspinner and blade of anaris/firesabre

5x Windriders, all with Scatter lasers
10x Guardians w/ warlock and scatter laser platform
10x Guardians w/ warlock

5x Wraithguard w/ D-scythes in a Wave Serpent

Heavy Support
Wraithlord w/ Scatter laser, Shuriken cannon and ghost glaive

And finally...
Wraithknight w/ Suncannon and a scattershield

This list is almost only going up against Tau or Grey Knights which is why i have the wraithguard to try and deal with multiple wound enemies (paladins and Crisis suits, maybe Dreadknights, riptides and broadsides if i get close to them)

The general idea is to have multiple threats from different directions, with the Wraithknight one way, the Wave Serpent the other and the Wraithlord Giving supporting fire to either and maybe acting as a distraction. The farseer buffs whoever needs buffing and the autarch tries desperatly to get into close combat while the troops steal objectives.

Any Feedback is greatly appreciated as I'm sure there are a million ways to improve this but it seems to work quite well.
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