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Hi all, this is the list I would like to use against all comers, as always opinions/suggestions appreciated

Wolf Lord, Terminator Armour
Saga of the Bear
Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield

Rune Priest, Terminator Armour
Chooser Of Slain
Murderous Hurricane, Living lightning

Wolf Priest, Plasma Pistol

Lone Wolf, Wolf Claw, Thunder Hammer

5 GH Plasma Gun ( Rune Priest )

5 GH Plasma pistol ( L/R crusader MM, Wolf Lord )
Wolf Standard

5 GH Power fist ( Wolf Priest )
Plasma pistol

5 LF 3 ML
1 MM

5 Scouts 2 PW
1 HB
Melta bombs

Dreadnought Assault Cannon
Missile Launcher

L/R crusader MM

Rhino, Storm bolter

The Dreadnought pretty much stays with the LF as a bit more fire power, Lone wolf does his thing, and with the too different weapons can take on either armour or infantry before his glorious end, hopefully the rest is self explanatory, comments please on weather it is competitive or not.

For Russ.

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Thanks for the effort there much appreciated, and a very nice looking list as well, I feel I need to explain myself as well. The list is put together with what I have painted so far, in the spirit of playing with what I have done, and yes you have guessed already that I love characters. However I am currently working on 4 more grey hunters, 2xPW 1x Flamer and one more run of the mill bolter, so I can at least up their strength to 6 in each unit or not as the case maybe, plus 1 more LF with ML, and a trusty RB with twin HB, Plus I am converting two more Rune priests with power armour as well so I can field more of them, If you can come up with a list that fits those guys im all for it, keeping in mind the whole WYSIWYG mindset as well,

Many thanks for the reply as well,

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