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the big thing i see is you have stuff all over the place. no real cohesion. so lets break it down, then build it back up.

Wolf Lord, Terminator Armour
Saga of the Bear
Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield

Rune Priest, Terminator Armour
Chooser Of Slain
Murderous Hurricane, Living lightning

Wolf Priest, Plasma Pistol
Like gen.ahab mentioned, far too many points in HQ here at 1500pts. Seeing as they are the only ones in Termie armour, i would just take it off the lord and rune priest and drop the wolf priest all together. Always kit your ICs to take on infantry. in order to get them to hurt MCs, Walkers, etc, they have to go last, and more often then not (even with SotB) they will not last long enough to stand up to them, if even hurt them. give the lord a frost weapon, or claws or something. Drop the armour on the priest aswell, save yourself the points. keep him back and firing off powers.

Lone Wolf, Wolf Claw, Thunder Hammer
5 Scouts 2 PW
1 HB
Melta bombs
Again, agreeing with gen.ahab, there is a reason you dont see anyone really running these guys, they are no sang priest for the space wolves. id drop him all together. As for the scouts, they serve 1 of 2 roles. either give them rifles to camp a home objective while providing ranged support, or come up from behind as a precision tactical force who will ultimately die, but hopefully not before taking out a high value asset. You want to keep them cheap with a PW or PF and thats it.

5 GH Plasma Gun ( Rune Priest )

5 GH Plasma pistol ( L/R crusader MM, Wolf Lord )
Wolf Standard

5 GH Power fist ( Wolf Priest )
Plasma pistol
at 1500pts i would put these sqds together. One reason being if your not putting termies or a full load into a LR, i think your wasting the LR when a razorback or rhino could do the trick. drop the plasma, as powerful as they are, you cant fire and assault and far too often well you cook yourself. i would give them meltas. If you make the units 9-10 strong then PFs are ok. but with 5-6 you only want to give them a PW otherwise the odds of him dieing before swinging is something you can't ignore. if you keep them 5-6 strong, give them a PW and a melta and a razorback. razorbacks are just amazing. but you want no less then two or the enemy fire will be easily concentrated.

5 LF 3 ML
1 MM
Personally there is nothing wrong with just 4 MLs, alot cheaper and very effective. plus the MM wont help you a whole lot from the bench. you have to get too close for LF comfort.

Dreadnought Assault Cannon
Missile Launcher
You say he is to sit back and back up the LFs. Thats cool and all, but not with a AC. IF you keep the dread (which i would drop for either another LF sqd or to help beef up your GHs) then he should have a LasCannon/ML combo. ACs just dont have the range for that support.

L/R crusader MM

Rhino, Storm bolter
dont know where the rhino goes, but thats ok. as for the LRC, i think it would be better served as a regular LR. you need the long range, high power shots.

all that being said, heres something i think you might like. this is based off the assumption you are looking to build this army and are open to other model options. if not, say so and ill post a different list with the models youve listed.

Wolf lord w/ Dual WCs, Belt of Russ - 165pts
Great HQ for hacking through troops

Rune Priest w/ Murderous Hurricane, Living Lightning
With him in the rhino, he can pop off his powers in the vehicle and stary mobile

5 Scouts w/ 4 Sniper Rifles, ML - 97pts
Much cheaper, and great for sitting on a home objective while the rest of your force pushes forward. the other variant being 5 scouts w/ a PW or PF to pop up behind enemy lines and provide you with alittle breathing room

9 GHs w/ PF, Melta - 165pts (in LR w/ Wolf Lord)
Coupled with the lord, this is a great center field assault. i went with a normal LR, because you need all the las you can get your hands on

8 GHs w/ PF, Flamer, rhino w/ EA - 195pts (Rune Priest goes here)

5 GHs w/ PW, Melta, razorback w/TL LasCannon - 170ots

5 GHs w/ PW, Flamer, razorback w/ TL LasCannon - 165pts
Now thats a solid core of troops to take objectives and hold the field. The GH in the LR is a main assault force, take him right up the middle. The two 5 mans are good for going after objectives, but mainly providing razorbacks to the force. the GHs in the rhino have the priest and a good backup to the other GHs with the priests powers.

LR - 250pts
Holds the biggest squad, has better range and str vs the crusader. pretty straight forward

5 LFs w/ 4 MLs, razorback w/ TL Lascannon - 190pts
4 MLs is enough to keep anything busy to include tanks and MCs. cheaper and more tactial then the MM, plus more range. Gave them a razorback so they can deploy without it and you get an extra mobile weapons platform. now you have 5 tanks on the board, non of which are an easy decision to target which is what you want.


There,now you have a well rounded force. A formidable CC force charging forward with a healthy ranged support team to back them up.

Again, hope this helps. if you cant swing these models, say so and ill come up with what you have models for. best of dice rolls and happy hunting!

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Ok, heres what ive got with what you have listed. Not alot different then your list from before, so theres some extra fat on some of your units to fill points. see what you think of it

Termie Lord w/ TH, SS, SotB - 215pts
Rune Priest w/ living lightning, murderous hurricance, MBs, wolf tooth necklace, chooser of the slain
Rune Priest 2 w/ Jaws, Living Lightning

5 Scouts w/ 2 PWs, HB - 110pts
Dreadnought w/ Assault Cannon, ML - 115pts

8 GHs w/ PF, Flamer, Standard - 115pts (Lord and LRC here)
6 GHs w/ PW, rhino w/ EA - 155pts (Rune Priest here)
5 GHs w/ PW, PP, razorback w/ EA - 160pts (Rune Priest 2 here)

5 LFs w/ MLs - 115pts
LRC - 250pts


like i said, not too much different then yours, but i had to put in extra crap to fill points but hopefully its alittle more effective. hope it helps!
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