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1500 WoC - Playing Dwarves

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Hi all!

The eternal sibling rivalry between my brother and I will soon find its way onto the table again, for a 1500 point game of WoC vs. Dwarves.

We've had a few games at 1000 points already, where I played a festus list with some knights and a chariot. He generally plays an organ gun + a cannon, with a brick of ironbreakers and a gyro.

I'm working hard on drafting a list (please note we play 8th edition, so no 50% allowance), but since I'm really very extremely new to this, I'd love some input!

I really want a BSB as I feel the reroll is quite important with dwarf shooting (last game turn 1 he panicked my knights, turn 2 he got lucky and panicked my brick of warriors. It was not great), however when I build a strong BSB I run short for a decently equipped sorc.

My idea is an almost unkillable MoT BSB with a naked MoT L2 Sorc with Lore of Metal in a small block of warriors, march them up the middle alongside 2 chariots. One flank is a unit of knights of Khorne, other flank a unit of skullcrushers. Should have plenty of target saturation.

Another option I'm looking into is dropping the Sorc alltogether and putting my BSB on a disc to go warmachine hunting... 4S7 attacks should put a pretty good beating on his warmachines.

1500 Points - WoC v. Dwarves

Exalted Hero - 211 points
Third Eye of Tzeentch
Enchanted Shield
Talisman of Preservation
Great Weapon

2+ armor, 3+ ward rerolling ones (2+ against war machines with ironcurse icon on the sorc?). 4 strength 7 attacks.

Sorcerer - 165 points
Lore of Metal
Level 2
Ironcurse Icon

Debuffs on the dwarves' armor. Ironcurse icon to protect against the warmachines.

13 Chaos Warriors - 305 points
Full Command
Banner of Swiftness

Get me to the dwarfs safely and quickly

2 Chariots - 250 points
Mark of Nurgle

Target saturation + flank charges

2x 5 Warhounds

Cannon fodder

5 Chaos Knights - 260 points
Full Command
Ensorcelled Weapons
Gleaming pennant (likely to be out of range of BSB fairly quickly so this is a nice way to allow me to restrain)

Fast moving hard-hitting

3 Skullcrushers - 244 points
Ensorcelled weapons

Kill stuff

Would very much appreciate input!

PS: I realize I'm 1 point over lord allowance, but we apply a "no more than 5 points over" rule at home ;)
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Thanks a lot for the useful comments!

I've changed my list to the following, would love a second take :)

Exalted Hero BSB - 218 Points
Helm of Many Eyes
Scaled Skin

Exalted Hero - 156 Points
Great Weapon
Talisman of Endurance

19 Chaos Warriors - 425 Points
Full Command
Banner of Discipline

2 x 5 Dogs - 60 Points

Chariot - 125 Points

Chaos Knights - 260 Points
Ensorcelled Weapons
Full Command
Gleaming pennant

Skullcrushers - 254 Points
Ensorcelled Weapons
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Hahaha hurray!

I'm trying to get to grips with the strategic basics of this game, like deployment for example. Was listening to a podcast (garagehammer, great fun) where they talk about having a plan for your deployment, so I figured I'd try and set one up.

I run into questions like:

Should the dogs be positioned in front of my warriors and skullcrushers to block the shooting? If so, should they be more than 6" away from them in case I don't get first turn and he kills my dogs and I have to roll panic tests? Or can I safely keep them in front as long as all of them are in my Ld9 BSB bubble?

Should the chariot be in the center next to the warriors, or is it best to place this on his weaker flank as a target to draw cannonfire and get flank charges in...

Do I place my BSB on a corner of the unit, meaning the 12" bubble extends much further to the left of the unit than the right, or should I place it in the middle so it's even?

I'm trying to find a decent resource to get some basics of all this stuff down, but am struggling...

Basically, i want to wipe my brother's fat little midgets of the board, and want to read as much as I can on how to effectively do so :p
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Hahaha thanks again my Chaos mentor :D

Totally makes sense, considering my lack of experience I end up blocking a lot of my own charges and movement, clipping my units of dogs and standing there like an idiot while the dorfs shoot me in the helmet.

BSB placement makes sense, but knights and skullcrushers on the same side? then drop chariot on other flank?

I actually quite like dwarves, but there's no way I'd ever say that to my brother of course.

Those fat midgets die.
All makes a lot of sense, and is very different from what I tried so far, I was indeed picking units for 1 unit on 1 unit combat, trying to take on his entire line.

Focus of next game will be to use the mobility advantage I have to roll him up from one side.

Got the list ready, except for the skullcrushers I have all the models. Did some priming today, now need to wait until I have cash to buy some paints so I can get started on some models.

It's much nicer working on models if you know you're playing a game with them in 2 weeks :p

If you have any general strategy or useful links you could share, that'd be great! I've been watching a lot of BatReps (loving the MiniWarGaming Old World Wars series) to get better at rules and stuff, but still lacking on a lot of the basics.

At least I won't have to think about magic next game, because that was always just a glorious collection of rules errors :p
He brought a Organ gun with rune of +1 strength and a master engineer.

It killed my chariot and 4 knights in the first 2 turns. Cannon killed a crusher turn 1. Then the cannon took out my great weapon general as well in turn 2. Block of longbeards with great weapons proved to be barely managable for my warriors, coming out of combat with only 4 + the BSB left alive facing down a full block of hammerers.

Called the game end of turn 4 when I had 1 crusher, 4 warriors, BSB, and 1 knight alive against 16 hammerers and an organ gun.

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