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1500 WoC Casting-Heavy

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This time I went for nice Warrior blocks and lots of casting, trying to be both fluffy and effective. Its not meant to be a shit ruining competitive powerfoot but I hope that I'll be able to put up a good fight even against gunlines.

Sorcerer Lord; lvl 4, MoT, Blood of Tzeentch - 320

Sorcerer; lvl 2, Lore of Death, Infernal Puppet - 155

Sorcerer; lvl 2, Lore of Death, Spell Familiar - 140

16xWarriors; Shields, MoT, Musician, Standard - 294

16xWarriors; Shields, MoT, Musician, Standard - 294

16xWarriors; Shields, MoT, Musician, Standard - 294

Total: 1497
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Its a bit of a trip to retrieve my rulebook just now but Im certain that you cant shoot after a failed charge- if nothing else the new FAQs still has instances where special shooting attacks are said not to be able to shoot after a failed charge (eg WE's strangleroot).
I hope you're wrong but my gut feeling tells me you're right. :(
Page 38 BRB lists a failed charge amongst things that prevent shooting.
I knew you'd show up! :biggrin: :victory:

Thanks for checking btw. :)
well to put axes on one unit i'd swap the enchanted shield for a dragonhelm - still grants +1, i know the shield is +2, but thats still a 2+ save plus you get a 2+ save against flaming attacks which seems apt to me!
But the dragon helm is twice the points of an enchanted shield... so how would that save him points?
because you take the points from the army book over the rulebook and the army book its another 10 points
Ahhahhahahhaaa- thats the laugh of an ogre player, the only army that can currently take a 5pt enchanted shield (or so I believe).
I think its a little weird that ogres get cheap enchanted shields purely because we weren't allowed to take any shields at all until the new rulebook came out.

I could understand prices being higher in the rulebook if you couldnt take the item from your own common items (like the warbanner), but being cheaper is a little odd.
so it is... that is really quite stupid, I mean now when tomb kings, wood elves and bretonia get redone, if that will ever happen, they will have enchanted shields for 5pts, so why even make the enchanted shield 5pts if no one, bar ogers (who shouldnt even be able to have shields =/) are able to use them for that amount. Its a common list for a reason, that the items are easilly attainable by all armies so I dont really see the logic in them being differently priced
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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