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1500 WoC Casting-Heavy

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This time I went for nice Warrior blocks and lots of casting, trying to be both fluffy and effective. Its not meant to be a shit ruining competitive powerfoot but I hope that I'll be able to put up a good fight even against gunlines.

Sorcerer Lord; lvl 4, MoT, Blood of Tzeentch - 320

Sorcerer; lvl 2, Lore of Death, Infernal Puppet - 155

Sorcerer; lvl 2, Lore of Death, Spell Familiar - 140

16xWarriors; Shields, MoT, Musician, Standard - 294

16xWarriors; Shields, MoT, Musician, Standard - 294

16xWarriors; Shields, MoT, Musician, Standard - 294

Total: 1497
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My advice would be to drop a Level 2 and buy every unit Halberds and better Marks (Khorne/Nurgle). Apart from that, it's fine.
it does come down to personal preference, but I think it's more efficient to win combats by killing the opponent rather than just surviving. Halberds also help a lot more against Heavy Cav by knocking them down to 3+ rather than 2+ saves. If you never face any then it's a moot concern, but that's down to your local opposition.

I will point out this though:

A 5-wide unit of Frenzied Halberd Warriors kill 11.66 WS3/T3/5+ infantry per turn.
A 5-wide unit of HW/Shield Tzeentch Warriors kill 5.9 WS3/T3/5+ infantry per turn.

A 5-wide unit of Frenzied Halberd Warriors take 0.91 Casualties from a 5 wide block of the above infantry. HW/Shield Warriors take somewhere in the region of 0.5 casualties.

Assuming that both sides have 3 ranks and a Banner and you got charged, the Halberdiers win the combat by 10. The Swordsmen win by 5. You've possibly lost a Warrior in either unit.

I know that Mathhammer isn't the be-all and end-all of unit selection, but I seriously don't consider the additional survivability to be worth halving your average kill count for.

Here's the advantages of Halberds:

- Better against high armour targets
- Better against high toughness targets
- Better against low toughness targets (assuming the enemy is above T2)
- Kills more models, which means the enemy has less ranks, making them more likely to lose future combats in addition to losing steadfast faster, making the combat last less time
- Cuts through tarpit units much faster
- Same armour as HW/Shield vs Shooting if you give them shields as well

Advantages of HW/Shield setup:

- Better in combat against Lance charges
- Better at surviving against Monsters (but cause less wounds to it)
- 6+ Ward vs War Machines/Armour ignoring Magic

I just see the first list as being better than the second list. As I said though, personal preference.
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Unfortunately the only caster we have with access to Lore of Shadow is the Level 4... I've been wrestling with that decision myself, because I really like Shadow's debuffs. However I've found that Chaos Warriors cut through more or less anything even without the debuffs - which means I've stuck with Lore of Tzeentch on my Level 4 and Death on my Level 2.

And another point I just thought of, you don't get the HW/Shield save if you're attacked in the flank... and where do people always try to hit you with their cavalry charge or monsters? Yeah. If they don't hit you in the flank, it means you're winning the maneuvers battle, and should be charging them instead anyway.
Since when were lvl 4 casters the only ones allowed to use lore of shadows?
Since Pg 120 of the Army Book specifies Fire or Death only (as Drax pointed out).

True, but the debuffs still help, I mean he has nothing there to take out big monsters, so if an ancient stegadon charge straight into those warriors, they are wounding it on a 6+ and it then gets a 4+ save, so they are very much screwed cause thats just gonna thunderstomp them to oblivion.
Which is why I take Death on my level 2. He's more or less guaranteed one of the 2D6/No save spells, or the Mind War signature might even be better against a high S/T monster like that.

Yes, but if you have your warshrines on your flanks, or dont be stupid enough to get baited into a flank charge then you wont get flanked.
In his list he has no units designed to prevent flanking. Just three units of Warriors - which is why I mentioned it.
Given that your Marauder Cav is going to go after missile units and war machines, I would consider not even bothering with ranged weapons at all - it is now extremely hard to cause wounds on war machines with conventional weapons. Just charge them instead. :)
Can you shoot if you fail a charge? :scratchhead:
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