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1500 witch hunters (fun)

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Saint Celestine

5x arco flagellants

callidus assassin

9 sisters repentia

10 sisters
2x storm bolters
rhino- extra armour, smoke

5 stormtroopers
2x plasma gun

10x seraphim
blessed weapon

penitent engine
penitent engine
penitent engine

A fun witch hunters army designed to pack a punch in cc with a hospital theme. Is this likely to be in any way competitive as well as fun?

Exorcists are the obvious thing I'm not using but I figure I want to charge everything forward anyway and these could just get left behind or struggle for LOS.
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Celestine is a risk, you can lose faith points when she dies, i would go for a cannoness with blessed weapon, litanies, jump pack, book and bolt pistol.

you do indeed need an =][= to get the assassin, and tbh, you don't really need one.

the list is, frankly, anarchic and unpredictable. without Celestine, you have 2 faith points, this is nigh on useless. don't take storm troopers where you can take sisters, where you take sisters, always take rhino and VSS with Eviscerator and Book.

and a blessed weapon is a heroine only weapon, so a VSS cannot take it

i know this is supposed to be a fun list, so if you use it, the best of luck to you, but i would tear this list apart with my own sisters, let alone another army, before it even reaches my lines
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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