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1500 witch hunters (fun)

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Saint Celestine

5x arco flagellants

callidus assassin

9 sisters repentia

10 sisters
2x storm bolters
rhino- extra armour, smoke

5 stormtroopers
2x plasma gun

10x seraphim
blessed weapon

penitent engine
penitent engine
penitent engine

A fun witch hunters army designed to pack a punch in cc with a hospital theme. Is this likely to be in any way competitive as well as fun?

Exorcists are the obvious thing I'm not using but I figure I want to charge everything forward anyway and these could just get left behind or struggle for LOS.
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Okie well first off

-You DO need an inquisitor to take an assassin
-Seraphim VSS can't take blessed weapon.

Other than that its a pretty fun army to play. It would be interesting, you are either going to totally destroy an opponent or get messed up yourself. More likely get destroyed than destroying.

Storm Troopers with plasma guns. They aren't going to do much footslogging and will probably be dead before they do anything. Either make them a squad of 10 or give them something to ride in (rhino or chimera).

Seraphim. You have no antitank stuff I would get these girls meltabombs. Flamers on the troops are a good choice. Maybe drop them down to 8.

SOB. Maybe swap a storm bolter with a heavy flamer. Other than that looks good

Acro Falellants: Looks fine to me, never used them. Be careful how you use them.

Penitent Engines: Never used these either, sounds fun to use, Will probably get shot to death pretty quickly.

Overalll, very fun army to play, not very competitive
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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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