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1500 witch hunters (fun)

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Saint Celestine

5x arco flagellants

callidus assassin

9 sisters repentia

10 sisters
2x storm bolters
rhino- extra armour, smoke

5 stormtroopers
2x plasma gun

10x seraphim
blessed weapon

penitent engine
penitent engine
penitent engine

A fun witch hunters army designed to pack a punch in cc with a hospital theme. Is this likely to be in any way competitive as well as fun?

Exorcists are the obvious thing I'm not using but I figure I want to charge everything forward anyway and these could just get left behind or struggle for LOS.
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As a veteran sisters player, I can promise you that you will not have much fun with your current army list. I think you need to take a better look at your codex and try not to get so distracted by all the fashy units. I know this list is ment to be fun, but as it is very lacking...

As the others have stated, Celestine is over priced and totally not worth her point cost. You risk losing more than you gain with this model, read the " faithful " rule included in her profile. For far less points you can have a canoness that can do just about everything celestine can with a few more tricks to boot.

You must include an inqusitor in your army to take a assassin, end of story.

Your army lacks faith points and you will need those in order to be successful with a sister army. Drop the storm troopers and take more sisters, and add veteran superiors to every squad to make them faithful.

It doesnt matter if your models are only strength 3, thats what acts of faith are for... with the right combinations of weapons and acts of faith, your sisters could very well become strength 8 in CC ( Kill a space marine out right ).

Seraphim are NOT deep striking units... Also do not take them lightly, they are very very very effective with twin inferno pistols... Give the squad 2 sets of inferno pistols, the vet superior a eviscerator, and give the entire squad some melta bombs, and you landed yourself a kick ass fast moving squad of tank rapers.

*** also Blessed Weapons are canoness only weapons and cannot be given to veteran superiors ***

Drop the pentient engines.. They wouldnt do you any good unless you have ALOT of them, stick with a few Exorcist battle tanks.
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