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good ideas, but it just feels like any thing that stands out on its own will be an easy kill point for Long Fang spam, and at 140 points (IIRC) per squad with ML only you're looking at 3 units that can direct S8 fire at six different targets.

i think your DP, Vindie, and your Dread are vulnerable to that.

if he decides to be mechanized and take a Rune Priest (you probably have a good idea what your opponent is fielding, hence your set up) then Lash is that much weaker.

i'd use NM with Doom Sirens, forget the Sonic Blasters, they're too expensive. the ability to ignore armor saves will help you more against MEQs then riddling with Assault 2 bolters.

a Chosen squad with ML could be useful to knock out TWC, Dreads, or LFs if he takes any of them (and let's be honest, 1500 is enough points for the SW to do all these things).

also, a maxed out Chosen flamer squad with IoS of IoK would help out.

i've always believed that MEQs v. MEQs going faster is a great advantage.

i don't know, i may have given you a pile of turd for advice, but i own and have cobbled together a few lists for Space Wolves. these guys can really give CSM a run for their money.

good hunting.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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