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You say 'tourney list' in your post. That means I'll take off the gloves and take your list apart without meaning to be nasty or disrespectfull to you!

-The CCS will probably stay in hiding and use their orders on your HWS right? Ok, than I'd get the CCS and the HWS voxes. You want those orders to come through. (Both the CCS and HWS's will depend on cover to survive!)

-The psyker squad needs a chimera. Sorry, but they need the mobility and the AV12 to keep their a$$es alive. You also need at least 8 or 9 psykers. That will give you a S8/S9 template or a -8/-9 LD modifier. You DON'T want to pin a unit with that LD modifier... you want the unit to fail and run!

-Marbo is a one-hit wonder. I don't use him, but if he appears, hits his target and dies. He probably does enough to re-pay his points.

-Stormtroopers are expensive and S3 AP3 isn't that good. If people use them, mostly it's 5 guys with 2 meltas for kamikaze armour hunting. I'd save 50pts and invest those in the psyker squad.

-PSC with 4 flamer is a cheap and effective unit. Put in a vendetta for counter-assault. Also makes the vendetta claiming.

-Infantry squads. I don't understand what you're doing here. Are you attaching a commissar toe every squad? Just take 3 or 4 squads and get 1 commissar with powerfist, join the squads, add powerweapons and 1 vox. That will get you a nasty blob squad. (I'd add meltaguns for scaring off armour.)

-HWS with lascannons and autocannons both are good and you'll use orders to twin-link. Just add the voxes for certainty.

-Vets are great and the alpha-strike demolitions you use are great. The might need a chimera, but you don't want those. Fine.

-vendettas are awesome!

-The basilisk is nice, but the manticore is much more effective against hordes and heavy armour.

Good luck!
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