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Me and 3 friends recently started playing 40k and were all working towards putting together a 1500 pt list to play with on weekends. So far I've purchased about 1000 pts worth which unfortunately due to severe financial constraints I am stuck with making use of for the time being.

What I have so far consists of shoota boys and more shoota boyz, a warboss with 5 nobs, a painboy and some trukks.

In order to get to 1500 pts I planned on purchasing some kans and a big mekk with kff and making use of what I already have out of sheer necessity.

The army would look as follows

HQ- Warboss
BIg mek with kff

Elite 5 Nobz with painboy in a trukk


boyzx29 shootas -nob w/claw and pole

boyzx29 shootas -nob w/claw and pole

boyz x20 shootas- nob w/claw and pole

Boyzx11 Choppa boyz- nob w/claw and pole trukk 141

Killa kanz x3
Killa kanz x3
killa Kanz x3

I plan on obviously using the kans and big mek to create an effective screen for the shoota boyz while using the trukks I have already as a distraction. Sending them together up to flank. And forcing the enemy to make a decision between the kans and the trukks. Would this allow me to hold my own enough to have fun against average players? I also plan on keeping my boss with the nobz.

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Drop the Nobz, Warboss, and the Trukka Boyz and use the points to bulk up the 3 squads of Shoota Boyz to 30. Add a 4th if you have the points.
Be sure to give all the Killa Kanz TL-RL's too.
Spend some points on Lootas too.

The Trukks will die far too easily, and so will its contents once its on foot.
In friendly games it might be ok, but i wouldnt use the Trukks in a competitive environment.
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