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I agree that Enhance on Jetbike squads is utterly useless - you want to be dodging into 12" range, shooting, then using the jetbike move to dodge back 6" again and thereby keeping you out of assault range. That's why I prefer several small units (6 is maximum number of models for me) so that they can all get into range fairly reliably.

For anti-vehicle, I would take a Falcon with 6 Fire dragons inside. It's always served me perfectly fine in my games. 3 Prisms is overkill, so having the Pulse laser +1 weapon is nice for the things that don't need to be hit by the S10 AP1 Prism blast or the Dragons.

And your Fire Prisms need Holofields. Badly.

See Styro's comments about the Seer Council, they're spot on.

If you can juggle the points sufficiently then I think you'll do fine! :)
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