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I see what you’re trying to do, but TBH, attempting a Jetseer Council at 1500 pts. is difficult as you have to take a large unit that will leave you weak in other areas, and on the other hand as small Council on bikes won’t last, making it ineffective and a points sink.

Drop the Council.

I recommend two Farseers on bikes, with Fortune, Doom, Spirit Stones, and only one having RoWarding to counter enemy psykers. Singing Spears are not a bad idea here.

For Troops, take 2 Jetbike units (as big as you want) with as many Chin Cannons as you want. Add an Embolden Warlock with Singing Spears.

For the rest of your Troops, take two DAVUs: 5 man DA squads with no upgrades in a Serpent with TL BL and maybe a Chin Cannon.

Filling out your list, 3 Walkers with SL is not a bad idea, and then two Prisms with Holofields and again Chin Cannons.

All flat out when you can, always Fortune your bikes. Doom the unit that your bikes will attack and pour all your fire power into it.

Good hunting
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