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>> Just want some hints/tips/constructive critisicm.

>> Lord:Dark blade, bolt pistol, Daemonic strength, Deamonic aura, Deamonic rune, furious charge, mou. (rides with rhino unit)

>>troops: 7 marines: b/p, ccw, 2x melta guns, furious charge
asp champ: p/fist, b/pist, furious charge, (all have mou).

rhino:x/armour, smoke.

>>troops: 8 marines: bolters, ccw, heavy bolter, p/gun, mou, infiltrate

>.troops: 8 marines: bolters, ccw, m/launcher, p/gun, mou, counter attack.

>>troops: 7 marines: b/pistols, ccw, 2 melta, mou, infiltrate
>>asp. champ: p/fist, b/pistol, mou, infiltrate.

>.heavy support: Dreadnought: auto-cannon, ccw, combi-bolter, deamonic poss, parasitic poss, smoke.

Havoks: auto-cannon, h/bolter, 2x missile launchers, tank hunters.

predator: auto-cannon, h/bolters, smoke, x/armour.

>.thats it, wot you all think. The lack of anything but troops/heavy is just the way i like to run my armies. I just think elites are a bit of a waste for what they can do.
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