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I like a lot about what you're doing. I see a few things you might want to think about.

Where does that Sorcerer go? He doesn't get a ride? I would drop a troop choice down to 9 or lower to get him in a transport. A great thing about Plague Marines is that you don't need ten to get two special weapons. I don't know that he even needs Doombolt. I might take one Plague Marine squad with flamers to run the Nurgle Sorcerer with.

The other troop choice is good with meltas.

Using Meltas in both squads will work fine too.

I like your terminators with Combi Weapons. That's a good mix but heavy flamers might be a better choice than combi flamers.

Add more Oblits. They do everything.

Lots of oblits and lots of Terminators need Icons.

Sorry for the incoherent post. I'm tired.
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