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ok so i thought i'd put up my GK list for anyone to take a gander at.
I've been playing this army for the last few weeks and it seems to do ok athough it does greatly depend on the mission, annihilation seems to be the game these boys win at. capture and control is hit or miss and i have not played a seize ground with them but i'm pretty sure i'll lose but either way they are always fun to play especially as i don't expect them to do well so it's always a bonus if i even have a man left when the game ends.

but any who here's the list:


Grand Master 210
-Master crafted weapon

-Retinue 184
4 GK termies


GK squad 230
-meta bombs
-7 GK's

GK squad 205
-meta bombs
-6 GK's

Heavy support

GK Dreadnought 145
-T/L Lascannon
-Missile Launcher
-Extra Armour

GK Land raider 251

GK Land Raider Redeemer 275 (yes that's the forgeworld one)
- extra armour

plan is fill both LR's with the GK's and have the Grand master deepstrike although i'm thinking of not doing this as when they turn up they soak bullets and by the time they can do anything the GM has lost his retinue.

the normal LR sits back and pops tanks along with the Dread and the Redeemer rushes forward as fast as it can to fry things with it's incinerators and what with giving units assaulting out of it initiative 10 it can be deadly but it's fast becoming a bullet magnet as people are realizing that not much can save against those templates.

C&C welcome

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for some reason his psycannon seems to deal out a fair amount of damage for what it's worth, especially when it takes him a turn to get in to assault and has the chance of popping a rhino to force out the inhabitance.
and i find it does better then one in a squad plus i don't lose one of my Gk's benefits in the assault as they need it bailing out of the landraiders strait in to the fight.

but i may want to play about with him once i get my GK tactics down a bit more
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