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This was the shakedown for my Marine Army list, which I will post as soon as I find that Codex.

I used the Mountain Angel's 3rd Company.
My army basically consisted of Captain Mordekai, Chaplin Theodrent, and Dreadnought Romulus, with my Troops Choices being Tactical Squads Arias, Kalidien, and Elijah, Comabt Squads Henghist, Raj, Jacob, and Damias. No Fast Attack other than Assault Squad Hencron, and my Land Raider Emperor's Fist, My two Predators, Puritanius and Invictus

I also included my two Devastator teams (The new plastic ones rock!)

I'm not sure if that was it, I can't really remember.

But anyhow,

Setup: All the armor was on one end, with two combat squads in Rhinos, and the rest of my army was spread out along the cover. (Cityfight board)

His Death Guard took the other side, in a maze of bunkers and trenches. His single piece of armor, a disgusting-looking Predator he insisted on calling Mjolnir, was in a tank bunker in the center of his lines.

1st Turn: I moved all of the armor up 5 inches, and my Rhinos 12 in. The devastators opened proceedings with the heavy bolter team in a building. They sycthed down an amazing six of the Nurgle squad nearest my Rhinos. The lascannon team shot at a Terminator Squad, and managed to kill two. The Armor on my left managed a few more kills, and stunned the Predator (but because he had invested in Demonic Possesion, who cares?)

He retaliated by blowing up the leading Rhino, and 3 of the men inside. I
fell back 4', to behind the second Rhino. He shot the heck out of another combat squad guarding my Chaplin, taking all five out, and wounded the Chaplin himself. The Terminators ripped apart another two from a Tactical unit in a hail of Reaper Autocannon Fire.

2nd Turn: I once again moved the remaining Rhino 12' Forwards, and the armor 8'. The Land Raider got a Weapon Destroyed result, and promptly knocked the turret off the Predator. The heavy bolters opened up with the Power of The Machine Spirit upgrade and killed a Plague Marine from the squad near the Pred. The heavy bolter devastators shot at the Terminators, but failed to kill any. The Lascannon team had more sucess and shot two more down. Huzzah!

He decided to roll a 5 and repaired the Turret, then moved a sqaud sideways to attack my Rhino unit. The Terminator, stunned by the loss of his comrades, killed the last remaining two of the Combat Squad from the first Rhino. The rest of his army fired at my tanks, and killed my leading Predator, and three of my ten-man assault team in the blaze (6 for pen, 6 for blast radius. Ouch). His lord shot at my Chaplin with a Kai Gun, but was too far away.

Turn 3: My armor continued to ponderously advance, finally blowing up his Pred in a flaming ball, and killing the last Terminator. The Rhino dropped the Combat Squad into the trench, and they killed 6 of the Plague Squad nearest them (twin Flamer templates kill!) My devastators continued to rain death on the Plague Marines, and the Lascannon tean managed to kill his lord by destroying the bunker he was in!

His Greater Demon arrived and promptly ripped the head off my Veteran Sergeant in the trenches. A rocket blew up the now-empty Rhino, and eight bolters killed 4 more of my Assault Squad. He fired a Heavy Bolter into my Devastators, and killed one of the las team. All remaining heavy weapons ripped apart the remaining Predator.

Turn 4: My army decided it was tired of sitting around, and charged across the plain. My devastators opened again, and scythed down the squad with the Heavy bolter. The armor killed another 7-man team, and the squad in the ttrench was ripped to shreds by the Unclean One.

He took my goading and charged his army too. The Unclean One consolidated into the Land Raider, but failed to glance it.

Turn 5: My army once again moved full speed ahead, and the Devastators took two wounds off the Demon. The Land Raider fired it's lascannons, and took another off. A hunter-killer missile killed it, and with it's final blow, it glanced it, and immobilised it.

His army charged as well, and I took solice in the fast I would get to charge him next turn.

Turn 6: The final turn, I moved up, and fired everything I had into the Nugle Horde. I killed most of his infantry, a Dreadnought, and two Raptors. I then charged him all across the table. His infantry were slaughtered, averaging about five causualties a squad. His plaguebearers suffered worse, with the charge of the assault team, and lost eight of the ten-demon squad.

He attacked back, and I lost three Combat Squads and half a Tactical unit. My Chaplin and Commander cut their way through a Chosen Squad, and linked up with the remainder of a Tactical Squad.

With the last roll of the dice, he mowed down my Assault Squad with massed bolter fire, and put a wound on my Chaplin.

Crushing Victory to the Mountain Angels!
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