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as said above, long fangs work best with missile launchers. The reasoning that they don't do so well doesn't quite work, since heavy bolters and plasma cannons will do even worse, and lascannons won't do much either unless you really spam them, if you have 2 you're better off shooting them at low armor anyway. The reality is that AV 14 only dies to melta, so you shouldn't be trying to hurt raiders with your fangs, the fangs are there for support fire.

other than that, putting a 250 point lord in a unit of GH that drop pods alone is a good way of losing 500 points. yes, GH are the 'best' troop choice in the game, and wolf lords are mean, but not THAT mean. As others have said, if you want a killy lord then TWC is the way to go. the stuff you get with a TWM far outweighs any benefit you might get from giving him termie armour. If you really want the 2+ you can give him runic.

hope that helps,

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