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Chaos Sorceror - 125
-Mark of Slaanesh
-Lash of Submission

Typhus: 225

Chaos Terminators: 230
-4 Champs
-4 pair Lightening Claws
-Mark of Khorne


Plague Marines: 231
- Champion w/ Power Fist
-2x Plasma

Plague Marines: 221
-Champion w/ Power Fist
-2x Meltas

Heavy Support:

Obliterators: 225

Land Raider: 240
-Daemonic Possession

Total: 1497

Mostly a for fun list to use until i have the $$$ to buy a more diverse army. The one question i have: is the Lash Sorc a waste? i know i should be using a DP, but sorc is cheaper on my wallet.

i'll probably be attaching Typhus to the Termies and putting them in the LR for max stabby fun.

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a lot of people prefer DPs over Sorcs., and DPs do have a lot of advantages but IMO,
Sorcs. have their place in the Chaos lists.

personally, i'd place him with your termies. Lash whatever you're going to assault if you need to. he could even ride with the plasma PM squad for when you run into a TEQ unit.

good hunting.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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