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1500 Pts iron warriors

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hey all after taking a break from 40k i am now returning and have decided to start anew with my first army the iron warriors. This will be the core of my army i need it to have lots of flexibility for expanding and playing diferent game types. i dont have a codex (in a box somewhere at my parents house) so dont get annoyed if i get stuff messed up.

Chaos lord-
terminator armour
combi melta + chainfist

5 terminators
reaper autocannon

10 csm
power fist
chaos glory

10 csm
power weapon

Heavy support
havoc launcher
155 each

chaos vindicator
extra armour

dedicated transport

rhinox2 (included in the troops)

land raider


what do you guys think is it competitive?
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Hey Warsmith, before finally settling on a theme I actually contemplated an Iron Warriors army and posted a few lists, so check out the following link and hopefully some of it will help with your list


Anyway as for your list lets see what we've got


I really like this build as its fluffy and somewhat competitive, you could add the Icon of Khorne and still be fluffy i.e. he is the type of Warmsith who revels in the moment right after the fortress walls are breached.


5 Terminators is one to many if your wanting to put them and the HQ in the Land Raider, but I don't think they hit hard enough to be used in a Land Raider, so why not try a 3 Melta Termicide. This is actually fluffy as in the Index Astartes it talks about IW Terminators telporting to pin point locations on the battlefield to deal with the heaviest bunkers.


I'm not so fussed on this part of your list, two troops IMO isn't enough at this point level, a lascannon in a CSM squad is terrible as its 48" range whereas they are all 24", I never ever take flamers as you only get to use them about once per game therefore a combi-flamer on the champ is always better IMO. Also both squads should probably take the IOCG.


Don't know what I think of the two defilers, they are big targets and average fluff wise, another vindicator would be good and cheaper even with Daemonic Possession, and then what about maybe a havoc squad so you can have some extra lascannons? Also your vindicator needs Daemonic Possession and not extra armour.

Those are just some thoughts to get you started, hope they help.
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