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1500 pts Crazy Beastmen

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I'm just wondering how much sense does this list make. Its basically about a second turn charge with a bit of luck, using my Minotaurs as a big hammer of FUCK YOU, provoking as many multiple CCs as possible and ruining everything with my Chariots. Its just a plan and yeah, no magic sucks but the idea is that I will have to endure only one turn of the worst kind of magic, then the opponent will have to be much more careful with their spells. No more Purple Sun throwing around and all that.

BTW I've been thinking about letting my Doombull run around alone, one more target for my opponent to waste his shots on... if he has any, that is. :p

So here it is:

Doombull; Heavy Armour, Shield, Gnarled Hide, Ramhorn Helm, Everbleed, Chalice of Dark Rain - 348

Gorebull; HA, Shield, BSB, Beast Banner - 272

5xTuskgor Chariots - 400

8xMinotaurs; Musician, Bloodkine w/Uncanny Senses - 470

Total: 1500
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This list is pretty much a great big punch in the nose. It will be hard to stop at this points level unless your fighting a truly dedicated gunline, but then beasts more or less lose to that anyway.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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