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(This is my first battle report so critics be real brutal or else i'll never learn)

Alpha Legion

Chaos Terminator Lord + 4 Termies
Chaos Scorcerer + 15 cultists

2x 8 man marine squads (Missile Launcher + flamer/heavy bolter + plasma gun. Champs have power fists and plasma pistols)

7 Chaos raptors (seriously tooled up)

Dreadnought- multi melta + missile launcher
Predator Ann
Predator Des

Black Templars (the enemy)

Chaplain (crozius and power fist)
Emperors champion

3x 10 man marine squad (initiates/marine mix. Pretty sure all the squads had power fists in them somewhere)

12 assault marines

Dreadnought in drop pod (assault cannon + CC weapon)
2x Predator Annihilators.

The board

We made it into a half jungle/half ruined city. When board sides came up for rolls i won and took the gratuitous cover the city had to offer.

The battle

We roll for deployment and i go first. My Predators and dreadnought go behind buildings and wreckage while his two predators sit far back in his deployment zone near the two main ways into the city. All my troops infiltrate/deep strike so he sets up his troops far forward and holds his dreadnought in reserve. My troops go into buildings (or behind them in the case of the raptors) and the termies stay in reserve.

1. First turn roll comes up and he wins it also deciding to take the first turn. As maticulous as i was in predator hiding a simple manouver sideways with his predator leads to a lascannon striking my Annihilator and even though it was downgraded via line of sight issues, it explodes real nice.
His troops run/jump pack a bit toward my side but other than that nothing else happens.

My turn engages and i start by swearing that the annihilator will be avenged. My cultists move 4 inches (difficult terrain) and now occupy the lower floor of the building my missile chaos marines are currently in. I move everything else up a bit but keep the marines stationary. Shooting comes and i fire krak missiles from both my dreadnought and my CSM team against His exposed predator. Dreadnought misses but the CSM's missile penetrates and writes his tank off. Vengance is sweet. I fire some other stuff and kill a few of his forcing a morale check which he passes much to his anger (due to the templars weird 'fail morale check and charge so many inches or something'.)

2. Turn 2 starts with him rushing some more stuff up the field trying so desperately to get in close combat with me. His predator annihilator immobilises my dreadnought. His pistols are still out of range or blocked by building ruins. His assault phase starts with him learning two things, His emperors champion's unit cant make it through the building to assault my cultists + Sorcerer but his assault marines can (dubiously) assault my raptors. So the assault marines.. um.. assault? But only one guy actually makes base to base contact and so 3 of his marines can assault. 5 of mine can return the favour including my mastercrafted dual lightning claw champion. I kill 2 he kills 1. He passes morale.

My turn starts with my roll for Termie action. I get a 1. Go figure. I then proceed with the all or nothing move of my cultists toward the unit of 10 marines harbouring the emperors champion. My remaining predator moves up for support and they are watched over by my CSM missile squad. everything else stays put. Fire time and 15 laspistols + doombolt +1 autocannon and 2 heavy bolters + 6 bolters and a krak missile all coverge on one point. 5 marines die.
My other team fires at the unit harbouring the chaplain. 3 marines die and he takes his morale check and fails, charging 9 inches closer to me but still not close enough for ass kickery.
My Cultists assault the emperors champion. I lose 4 cultists but i give back 4 wounds. I save 1 he saves 2. One of the wounds hits his Emperors champion and he loses a marine. However i still lose combat but my sorcerer's high leadership keeps the lowly cultists in the game. His consolidation, as per the rules, puts his emperors champ against my sorcerer in a one on one combat.
The Raptor/assault marine battle continues with both of us removing 2 guys. End turn 2

3. His chaplain moves within smacking distance and i realise i'm in a bad place right now. The third marine unit has finally made it to the front line dispite being bogged down (difficult terrain) and moves to join the cultist fray. His predator hides behind a building.
He opens up with some shooting on the lone unit of CSM's and they lose 1.
Assault phase becomes a real blood fest with me coming off alot worse. I remove 5 cultists 2 Assault marines and when my lone CSM unit is charged by the chaplain and his unit they get butchered, fail their morale and flee to be chased down and slaughtered.
Good point however was that my unit of cultists took another 2 marines and the raptors at least got 1 more assault marine. My Sorcerer survived the emperors champions power blows with Daemonic Aura and in turn killed the champion outright. Everyone else passes their leadership and stays.

My turn and i roll for Termie greatness! I roll another 1. And trust me I could really have used those guys. My tank moves to fire at the now exposed chaplain unit but doesnt get any. My Immobilised dreadnought can see part of the last enemy predator and multi-meltas it with extreme prejudice, immobilising it in a really useless place and putting it out of the battle for good. I charge my remaining chaos unit into the cultist combat but my cultists are outclassed and outmatched by the templar marines and get destroyed in the close combat and even the sorcerer gets slain. This battle is quickly going to a bad place.
My raptors get a good round and win 3 wounds for none in return.

4. Now heres where the dreadnought deepstrikes in. It fires at my unengaged marines with an assault cannon but doesnt make any connections then charges them. His chaplain with marines surround my immobilised dreadnought and destroy it. The assault marines finally destroy my Raptors after 5 rounds of close combat but leaving a unit of only 3 left. The combat continues with me losing 2 marines and him losing 1 however my powerfist champion lamps his newly deepstruck dreadnought and it get destroyed much to my applause.

And heres when the cavalry arrives far far too late. The roll gets a 5 and my terminators appear just in time to see eveyone die and be horribly out numbered. I now have left 5 terminators and a Predator destroyer against about 25 very angry marines and a chaplain. However as unwilling as i was to accept the inevitable i prolonged the outcome of the battle another turn until i was finally eradicated. To the victor (who left the field with only 14 marines after it was all said and done) my congratualtions.

The smack talk

first thing i noticed was how similar mine and craig's (git with the templars) armies were and rather than be smart and think 'hmm what in army does the most damage?' and working from there i took the 'wing it and hope for the best' approach. Also the Black templars were a very CC orientated army i should really not have infiltrated closer to the whirling mass of chainswards and power weapons. If my terminators had come in earlier things would have been very different there isnt much doubt in my mind about that one, i really should have just fielded them from the start. We did disagree on certain points during the battle and the dice rolls decided it in the end eg could his assault marines reach mine or not?. Had that roll gone my way i could have justified giving all my raptors furious charge... but i digress water under the bridge. Still a cultist wounding an emperors champion? my less than 10 points of twisted human VS the 100 and something points Black templars Emperor endorsed killing machine and wounding him? i think thats good turn over.

The summary

So i got wasted and yes i learned some lessons about my army and the way the cookie crumbles. Yay me. My termies might have to go. Maybe i'll just replace them with a power armour chosen unit to boost my numbers, give them a nasty champion, throw in some plasma guns and a melta and i could be onto something. We'll see

Alex out

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Meheheh BT's pwned ur 4$$! Long live the Emperor's Champion! Obviously your cultists dishonourably swarmed him with many times his number and he fought valiantly but was finally injured due to sheer weight of numbers... Chaos scum!
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