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1500 pts All-comers

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So I've been off-and-on with 40k as of late, college keeping me busy as ever. However with graduation around the corner, I have a little bit more time to read through my codex and figure out what's worthwhile in this 7th edition book.

I'll put my thoughts for units at the bottom of this list, but here's my list:

Warboss w/ Bike, Power Klaw, Lucky Stikk, Bosspole (140 pts)
Painboy (50 pts)

10 Grots (35 pts)
10 Grots (35 pts)
30 Boyz w/ Nob [BP], Shootas, 3 Big Shootas (240 pts)

15 Tankbustas w/ 3 Bomb Squigs (210 pts)

Fast Attack:
4 Deffkoptas w/ Rokkit Launchas, 1 Buzzsaw (145 pts)
9 Warbikes w/ Nob [PK + BP] (202 pts)

Heavy Support:
5 Mek Gunz w/ 4 Kannons, 1 Traktor Kannon, 5x Ammo Runt, 5x Extra Gretchin (132 pts)
Battlewagon w/ Kannon, 4 Rokkit Launchas, Grot Riggers, Reinforced Ram (155 pts)
10 Lootas (140 pts)

No Org:
Mek (15 pts)

General plan: Warboss goes with the Deffkoptas to Scout early and then the koptas act as a bullet sponge until I can get the Boss stuck in with something that needs to die. If the Deffkoptas live long enough, they'll look for the 3+ saves or light vehicles with their Rokkits and the Saw. Grots will sit on objectives and go to ground to ensure that I can hold it. Boyz will footslog their way into a midfield firing position, along with the Painboy to provide them a little extra survivability. Tankbustas and the lone Mek go into the Rocketwagon, popping out 20 Rokkits/turn as it rolls up the field while the Mek ensures it keeps on trudging along. The Warbikes make their way up behind the Koptas, but screening the Wagon to provide it cover and ensure that it doesn't take the brunt of the shooting and then act as support for the Warboss. Mek Gunz provide more Rokkits and the Traktor Kannon is there for when the fliers/Eldar skimmers show up. Lootas dakka whatever is left/backfield units like Devastators.

Alternate options: Drop the Mek and Painboy (and shave a few more points) for a Big Mek w/ KFF to go with the Boyz or a Big Mek w/ Fixer Upperz to go in the Battlewagon. I'd lean toward the Big Mek w/ KFF so that he can also provide a 5++ in the early stages of the game to more units. I wouldn't mind having a couple of Tankhammers in the Bustas but then I lose the Rokkits...and 20 Rokkits rolling across the board seems slightly more effective where shooting is still dominant.

I appreciate any and all thoughts on this list, most of the friends I play against field Heldrakes, Night/Doom Scythes, and Space Marine fliers (Stormraven/Stormwolf) which makes the Traktor Kannon a necessity. However I want to keep shooting as many Rokkits as possible, and don't want to waste shooting, so I don't want to cram many more than 1 or 2 in.
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TBH I like the look of your list, it's rounded and flexible and I think you'll have fun with it. A large blob of 30 shoota Boyz with a painboy is a tough, distracting unit. Coupled with bikes, koptas and a battle wagon of tankbustas, your opponents are going to have to make some tough target priority choices. The bikes, koptas and grots also give you flexibility with maelstrom.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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