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OK take 2 on my army

I've changed to Dark Angels but only as far as style is concerned I'm still using the SM codex.

Also dropping to 1500 pts as having played last weekend that seems like a reasonable size.

This will be primarily for fighting against Orks.

Now I'm guessing that the LR is just going to be a big target and at 250pts is it worth it? So assuming I drop the land raider I get 250 pts to play with what should I get?

Model wise I've got the following available
- 10 Scouts with bolters (plus Telion - will need to do some work on him to make him a DA though If im going to use him I guess)
- Land Speeder
- Dev squad
- Razorback
- shooty termis
- Ven Dread
- Command Squad
- I could probably scrape together another Tac squad.

Dont really want to buy anyhting else atm as Ive got shed loads already in need of assembling and painting.

Chaplain [130pts]
Terminator Armour, Storm Bolter, Crozius Arcanum

Tactical Squad #1 [210pts]
- 10 Marines
- Sgt: Bolt Gun & Bolt Pistol
- Missile Launcher
- Melta Gun
- Rhino

Tactical Squad #2 [205pts]
- 10 Marines
- Sgt: Bolt Gun & Bolt Pistol
- Heavy Bolter
- Flamer
- Rhino

Terminator Assault Squad [450pts]
- 2x Ligntning Claws
- 3x TH/SS
- Land Raider

Fast Attack
Assault Squad [225pts]
- 10 marines
- Sgt: Power weapon Bolt Pistol
- 2 Flamers

Bike Squad [280pts]
- 8 Bikes & Attack Bike
- Multi-Melta & 2 Melta Guns
- Sgt: Bolt Pistol
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