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It's been a while since i made a SM list.. rip this to shreds, let me know what u think...

Captian, boltgun, relic blade
Libby, smite, null zone

5 Assult termy, th/ss
dreadnought, TL Las, Missile
dreadnought, TL Las, missile

5 Tac squad, --Razorback, TL Las, hunter killer
8 Tac squad,Sarg has combi-melta, PF--Rhino, Hunter killer
10 Tac squad, melta, missile, Sarg has combi melta, PF--Rhino, Hunter killer

Vindicator, hunter killer

3 TL Las, 3 missiles a turn
7 missiles 1st turn + 3 TL las

Only 6" movment 1st turn so i can shoot all hunter killers
Razorback camps my objective, shooting its Las.
captain and libby runs w/ 8 man rhino up the middle objective or opponents depending on mission.
10 tac squad takes side objective, or flanks depending on mission.
vindi camps objectives or backs up units w/ da pie plate.:drinks:

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I'd take a combi flamer on the captain for some softening up before assault purposes.

Assault terminators have no land raider so won't get into assault. If you deep strike them they'll just stand there.

I don't see the point in the h-k on the razorback as it has a anti tank weapon anyway, it's ok for one shot rhinos because they have nothing to threat armour anyway. Plus it's the only razorback in the army so will be shot at first. Why 5 marines anyway?

Why 8 marines is a even better question. Tacticals do not belong in assault so why put the captain and librarian with them? You want the two hq units with the terminators as terminators force invulnerable saves and the librarian will make those re-rollable.

Drop the vinidicator and get your squads sorted first.
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