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Eldar aren't at their best in 1.5k points, but they can still put out.

That being said, our fire dragon, I mean elites and heavy support slots are our bread and butter.

War Walkers are great, but fragile. Squadroned, they're easy to pile hits onto. Separated they don't get much from guide. They have apocalyptic firepower, but you have to either play it safe with them (in which case fire prisms or falcons will frequently do it better) or else you can go for broke with them, in which case you shouldn't expect them to last long.

I'd probably drop a ranger squad from the list. 3 troops units in 1.5k is probably enough, and at that points value there's a lot of good stuff that I normally like to squeeze in. If you were feeling like mechanizing up you could switch the other Ranger squad over to a "DAVU" (ie Dire Avenger Vehicle Upgrade) squad, either putting them in a WS or Falcon. Either way it'd be a solid ride for the lone farseer. At 60 points, a minimum-sized dire avenger squad really just serves to make a vehicle capable of holding an objective, but when you consider how little dire avengers can do to anything that isn't light infantry that's just fine. You could also just take a small unit of jetbikes, reserve them and then, if/when they arrive have them turbo-boost around, staying hidden and have them grab an objective.

I like the fire dragons a lot. 6 men is solidly in the "just right" area. More and you see diminishing returns in effectiveness for points invested. Less and you risk things not exploding.

As far as the actual wave serpent load outs, I would heartily recommend changing them. You really, really don't want to have your anti-tank guns on the transports that are moving your fire dragons around. That's too heavy a degree of specialization. It's just too easy to neutralize your anti-vehicle capabilities, and the FD units won't be able to touch mobs of infantry. I'd switch things up, so that you have bright lances on your DA transports and scatterlasers on your FD transports, or possibly just shuriken catapults. Why? because those fire dragons will already be a priority for most opponents. Cutting vehicle upgrades on a unit will make your opponent targeting them less of a concern.

As far as the DA transports, I'd cut the spirit stones from them. Spirit stones only effect 1/6 of all results on the damages table. On fire dragon transports it's a bit different, since them not moving for a turn could spell doom for you, but on troop transports it's just not worth the points. Saving the points, or better yet spending them on upgrading the TL shuriken catapults will do a lot more for you. It'll increase their flexibility, and it'll mean that a single "weapons destroyed" result doesn't neuter the wave serpent's shooting abilities.

As far as farseers go, I'd take doom rather than guide unless you're going to be grouping the war walkers, and even then, doom might win out. Guide does more against, say, vehicles, but the fact that you can only target units that are not in transports, or which are in a transport with the caster limits you. Combine that with the fact that a lot of your guns are twin linked, and you're suddenly running low on guide targets. The singing spear is certainly not really worth the points- the farseer really doesn't want to be shooting at anything, and if you ever get stuck in CC he'll be even worse at it if he has a spear.

Lastly, some things to think about with regards to heavy support:
Most of your ranged firepower comes from here. A Falcon with Spirit Stones and a Holofield is an incredible aggravation to an enemy. Two "naked" Fire prisms, if you keep them away from harm is a TON of damage over time. A flanking squadron of warwalkers, if you can lucksack in terms of where they show up and having them be guide-able is unreliable but devastating when it comes together. ~13 s6 hits will take down side/rear armor and will nuke anything with a small squad size or non-amazing armor. Just don't expect them to live for a second round of firing unless things get really lucky, and even getting to that point is a gamble.

The "one working strategy" for eldar is to play really cagey and defensive until you whittle your opponent down to the proper degree, and then going all out with the hope of crippling the other guy... more or less. Some battles the second point never comes, and some battles you'll find yourself realizing that you had your opponent by the short hairs a turn ago, but didn't capitalize on it. When in doubt, follow the advice that I stole from Sethis for my sig.

edit: bah, totally didn't see Styro's post, wound up repeating his stuff. Consider it doubly so (well, half again so). At least I posted more. More is better, right?
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