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1500 pt list

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Daemon Prince + Khorne + wings = 140
Daemon Prince + Slaneesh + submission + wings = 155

6 Chaos Marines + 1meltagun = 100

7 Chaos Marines + 1 meltagun = 115

6 Khorne Berzerkers + 1 champ with powerfist + 1 plasma pistol. Squad in a rhino = 237

Dreadnought with Plasma cannon and DCCW = 105

Dreadnought with Plasma cannon and DCCW = 105

3 Obliterators = 225

Defiler with no changes = 150

Predator + TL Lascannon + 2 side sponson lascannons = 165

The Khorne Daemon Prince is only Khorne because I bought it off ebay and it came painted like that. It actually works quite well for me.
I'd like to keep the dreadnoughts the same..
Any suggestions?
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Trust us, just paint over the Khorne markings on the DP and run him as Unmarked/Nurgle with Warptime. Re-rolls to hit AND wound (and +1T if nurgle) trump +1A every single time, from now until eternity. MoK Princes are the worst DP build available.

Well, except for MoT/Doombolt/Gift of Chaos. That would be worse.

Now, as for the troops:

Bump the Vanilla CSMs up to 10 and give them a 2nd melta, also give them Rhinos.
Bump the Zerkers up to 8, possibly ditch the Plas Pistol, and give Rhino Extra Armour.

Drop a Dread (or both) to make room for the extra troops. Chaos Dreads are too random, especially when they Fire Frenzy on to your own troops, or berserk rage toward the enemy right as you NEED that plasma shot. (of course, if we ever get Drop Pods, CSM Dreads will be awesome for exactly the same reasons. One can dream.)
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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