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1500 pt list

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Daemon Prince + Khorne + wings = 140
Daemon Prince + Slaneesh + submission + wings = 155

6 Chaos Marines + 1meltagun = 100

7 Chaos Marines + 1 meltagun = 115

6 Khorne Berzerkers + 1 champ with powerfist + 1 plasma pistol. Squad in a rhino = 237

Dreadnought with Plasma cannon and DCCW = 105

Dreadnought with Plasma cannon and DCCW = 105

3 Obliterators = 225

Defiler with no changes = 150

Predator + TL Lascannon + 2 side sponson lascannons = 165

The Khorne Daemon Prince is only Khorne because I bought it off ebay and it came painted like that. It actually works quite well for me.
I'd like to keep the dreadnoughts the same..
Any suggestions?
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I forgot to mention that I only ever really play Space Marines and Blood Angels. And i've played a few with Eldar.
Thanks for all the suggestions, they're really appreciated, i'm about to reply to each one seperatly.
I'm considering maybe dropping the Predator for either another Defiler or maybe 2 more oblits, would that make it better?

Erm, just quickly, cause im tired;

I dont like your troops, When i do troop choices, some reason i have to use 2 squads of something, with 1 squad of something else.. Now i'm not saying thats how to do it, but i win quite alot..

my general set up is 3 Squads of 8 Khorne Berserkers, but i am going to start trying to try out other things to move away from having 1 completely dedicated Khorne army... By changing a squad for Some Plague marines, just to see what i enjoy more/works better.
So i'd then be taking;

2 squads of Khorne Berserkers, 1 Squad of plague marines...

So that's how i'd personally do troops.

Again the same for Heavy Support, i'll always do 2 of 1 type, and a different, usually 2 defilers and 2 obliterators; I never run a single-lone defiler, to big a target. 2 Predators and 2 Oblits is nice; due to it being 4 lascannons.

errr, I dont recommend Khorne Marked Daemon princes, warptime is epic, so leave unmarked..

Keep your dreads if you really want em.

Ok so this is just a start of food for thought, not great advice, but really tired, saw this had no replies, so i thought i'd just post something real quick.

Good Warring

If no-one else helps, i'll come back tomorrow and go abit more indepth, but i cant atm!


As for 2 of one and one of the other, would it be better if my basic Marines had equal numbers in each?

I see what you mean about heavy support. I just can't decide between replacing the Predator with either Defiler or 2 Oblits..

I understand with the Khorne Daemon Prince, I was just holding off changing the paint colour until I had time to repaint.
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Trust us, just paint over the Khorne markings on the DP and run him as Unmarked/Nurgle with Warptime. Re-rolls to hit AND wound (and +1T if nurgle) trump +1A every single time, from now until eternity. MoK Princes are the worst DP build available.

Well, except for MoT/Doombolt/Gift of Chaos. That would be worse.

Now, as for the troops:

Bump the Vanilla CSMs up to 10 and give them a 2nd melta, also give them Rhinos.
Bump the Zerkers up to 8, possibly ditch the Plas Pistol, and give Rhino Extra Armour.

Drop a Dread (or both) to make room for the extra troops. Chaos Dreads are too random, especially when they Fire Frenzy on to your own troops, or berserk rage toward the enemy right as you NEED that plasma shot. (of course, if we ever get Drop Pods, CSM Dreads will be awesome for exactly the same reasons. One can dream.)
I only just figured out how to quote someone :laugh:
Am I missing something, how does the Nurgle give rerolls? If so, that would be pretty awesome! I haven't read through my codex in a while.. I agree with giving them a rhino, the only issue is I play against so many anti tank armys they just get killed in the first turn.
I definatly would like to bump up the berzerkers, one of my favourite units IMO...

The reason I keep the dreads is, they have sentimental value and they're actually quite cool in assault. Plus the Plasma cannon is pretty nice against the Blood angels..
As for drop pods.. i'm not even going to go into how much I want them!
i just threw up to the sight of this list. i cant even to begin to explain to you whats wrong. ill let someone else. sorry no helpful insight for you. im tierd of making lists
Is the puke on your keyboard? :crazy:
Right I will throw my thoughts into the ring! But before I start awesome shout with the dreads . . . . [email protected]*king love em! They are A wee bit unpredictable but hey thats chaos! ALthough from direct experience in the last 6 or 7 games with the little buggers and often I field two I have have had the fire frenzy one and he was stunned so he couldn't do anything anyway ha ha! Right onto your list!
Please dont run 2 DP's yes they are very good but they are suppose to be rare damit!
Your troops need some bulking and nilla marines as much as it pains me to say aren't much cop!
So as a potential rework
Drop a DP the khorne one! bulk zerkers to 8 gotta give rhino EA
Nilla marines either put to 10 and double up special weapons or bring in some plague marines (7 gotta be 7)
Drop an oblit and predator and bring in another defiler (personnally I'd run to vindies having had no experience with defilers but everything runs better in twos!)
Dreadies well I love double ccw but how they are should be fine!
hope that helps
I only run two DP's because it splits the fire power between two and they last longer. Plus, I don't know much about the story side (don't kill me) of the game. However, if I did read it, i'd end up changing the WHOLE army just to fit the story, I just can't bring myself to do it
How about this?

• Daemon Prince
- Wings; Warptime
155 points

• Dreadnought
- plasma cannon
105 points
• Dreadnought - plasma cannon
105 points

• 8 Khorne Berzerkers
- Skull Champion with powerfist; Rhino with extra armour
258 points
• 7 Plague Marines - Plague Champion with powerfist; 2 meltaguns; Rhino
256 points
• 7 Plague Marines - Plague Champion with powerfist; 2 flamers; Rhino
246 points

• 3 Obliterators

225 points
• Vindicator - Daemonic Possession; twin-linked bolter
150 points

1,500 points

Your list is probably much stronger than mine, but I do have something against the Plague Marines.. I played them once and I just had the worst luck that day. So now, my crazy mind can't play with them. Thanks very much, i'll take your list into consideration when making my new one after reading this thread. I didn't know mine was so bad :laugh:
Was that really necessary? If you have nothing nice to say, don't post - It's as simple as that.

Amifur; I reckon Svart's list is your best bet if your hanging onto those Dreads; The only thing i'd do differently would be change a Plague Marine Squad for some 'Zerkers, because i'm just that way inclined. :biggrin:
But realistically for this list, Plague Marines are more suited, so just play test that list, and from there you can make assumptions for yourself! :victory:

About the dreads- I know, i know, they're awesome, one of the coolest CSM unit, but realistically, you want them running with a Lascannon, depending on what board you play, What you don't want is your opponent destroying it, before it becomes useful.
- Now 2 Lascannons from the dreads, is a possible blown up tank, even 2! (if your lucky) Whereas plasma cannons are about 2 turns worth of movement, away from being able to be used (unless of course your opponent plays like me, and hurtles everything at full speed, but then my mates all sit there and move slowly (which I think is a boring way to play :tongue:)).
So that's just what i think on the dread front. Just for you to think about.:biggrin:

Good Warring :wild:

And ignore rude comments from people:nono:, it's rare you get them on H-O, and when they do, just ignore it. :eek:k:
Originally I wanted a Las Dread but it ended up being over £45, at the time I didn't have a job and was scraping together for the army I do have. But i'm looking at suggestions now i have the oppurtunity to change to an awesome army :) When I was playing a list without the actual models I had Lascannons and they really were awesome.. Good times :biggrin:
It's actually the warptime giving the re-rolls, Nurgle just gives him +1T
How did I not know this? Maybe I just forgot, I like that idea. Hmmm nice :)
Just a small thing, if you want to quote alot of posts, i can suggest you multi-quote, so you don't have to post 6 times.

I did consider this, but I wasn't sure if there was a character limit. Thanks though, i'll do that in the future :)
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