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1500 pt list

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Daemon Prince + Khorne + wings = 140
Daemon Prince + Slaneesh + submission + wings = 155

6 Chaos Marines + 1meltagun = 100

7 Chaos Marines + 1 meltagun = 115

6 Khorne Berzerkers + 1 champ with powerfist + 1 plasma pistol. Squad in a rhino = 237

Dreadnought with Plasma cannon and DCCW = 105

Dreadnought with Plasma cannon and DCCW = 105

3 Obliterators = 225

Defiler with no changes = 150

Predator + TL Lascannon + 2 side sponson lascannons = 165

The Khorne Daemon Prince is only Khorne because I bought it off ebay and it came painted like that. It actually works quite well for me.
I'd like to keep the dreadnoughts the same..
Any suggestions?
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Svartmetall's list looks nice.

I think Plasma Cannon dreads are a reasonably safe bet. If he fire-frenzies, at least you can still try to scatter away from your own models. You get to place the blast marker so if you keep your infantry kind of stretched and spaced, the unit will stand a better chance than against, say, a multi-melta dread.

I have no idea what happens when he fire frenzies and the closest visible unit is locked in CC. Is he sane from the start of the turn, or does he turn sane when he finds he cannot shoot his weapons into assault (and thus losing his movement phase from the first part of fire frenzy)
I only just figured out how to quote someone :laugh:
Am I missing something, how does the Nurgle give rerolls?
It's actually the warptime giving the re-rolls, Nurgle just gives him +1T
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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