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1500 pt list

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Daemon Prince + Khorne + wings = 140
Daemon Prince + Slaneesh + submission + wings = 155

6 Chaos Marines + 1meltagun = 100

7 Chaos Marines + 1 meltagun = 115

6 Khorne Berzerkers + 1 champ with powerfist + 1 plasma pistol. Squad in a rhino = 237

Dreadnought with Plasma cannon and DCCW = 105

Dreadnought with Plasma cannon and DCCW = 105

3 Obliterators = 225

Defiler with no changes = 150

Predator + TL Lascannon + 2 side sponson lascannons = 165

The Khorne Daemon Prince is only Khorne because I bought it off ebay and it came painted like that. It actually works quite well for me.
I'd like to keep the dreadnoughts the same..
Any suggestions?
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Right I will throw my thoughts into the ring! But before I start awesome shout with the dreads . . . . [email protected]*king love em! They are A wee bit unpredictable but hey thats chaos! ALthough from direct experience in the last 6 or 7 games with the little buggers and often I field two I have have had the fire frenzy one and he was stunned so he couldn't do anything anyway ha ha! Right onto your list!
Please dont run 2 DP's yes they are very good but they are suppose to be rare damit!
Your troops need some bulking and nilla marines as much as it pains me to say aren't much cop!
So as a potential rework
Drop a DP the khorne one! bulk zerkers to 8 gotta give rhino EA
Nilla marines either put to 10 and double up special weapons or bring in some plague marines (7 gotta be 7)
Drop an oblit and predator and bring in another defiler (personnally I'd run to vindies having had no experience with defilers but everything runs better in twos!)
Dreadies well I love double ccw but how they are should be fine!
hope that helps
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