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your melee units need transports.

personally, i'd minimize your DA squads to 5 men each in Serpents with TL BL, and drop the Prisms. though some may consider it blasphemy, consider dropping him to get two Farseers. Eldrad is awesome, but i cannot stress how badly you need a Farseer with your Banshees. you're S3, so wounding will be hard for you. take an Executioner on the Banshee Exarch.

or you could just use two Seer Councils. that's an idea though. you'll always wound on a 2+ that way.

if you have any points, add the Prisms back or get War Walkers. for a melee themed list (per the title of your thread at least) you need to hit harder.

good hunting.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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