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what i came up with is

Eldrad = 210
Warlock Council x 10 + 4 singing Spears and destructor = 272

Howling Banshees x 10 +exarch w/ mirror swords and warshout =187

DA x 2 (10 in each unit) + exarch with power wep/ shimmer shield + blade storm = 150 per squad (300 in total)
Wave serpents x 2= 180

Fire Prisms x 2 w holofield and Spirit stones = 300

TOTAL = 1449 pts.................... any suggestions or comments? please add any helpful criticism. thank you!!!

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your melee units need transports.

personally, i'd minimize your DA squads to 5 men each in Serpents with TL BL, and drop the Prisms. though some may consider it blasphemy, consider dropping him to get two Farseers. Eldrad is awesome, but i cannot stress how badly you need a Farseer with your Banshees. you're S3, so wounding will be hard for you. take an Executioner on the Banshee Exarch.

or you could just use two Seer Councils. that's an idea though. you'll always wound on a 2+ that way.

if you have any points, add the Prisms back or get War Walkers. for a melee themed list (per the title of your thread at least) you need to hit harder.

good hunting.

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Lots of things here... Lots of 'em...

First off, your list currently comes in at 1493 points. 10 Dire Avengers with PW/SS Exarchs with Bladestorm are 162 points a squad, not 150. Similarly, a Fire Prism with Holo-Fields and Spirit Stones comes out to 160. So, you've lost 44 points right there.

Second, Wave Serpents have to have a turret gun, so that will demand at least 20 more points which your list already can't afford to spend. So, there will need to be a few tweeks to the list before it's ready.


What I find odd:

Ok, I see you are going for a Melee themed army. So, what I find odd is that you have given your Dire Avengers Blade Storm instead of Defend. Defend is the more melee oriented power, but I can understand the move as Blade Storm can be very useful for Dire Avengers at times. However if you do want to maintain that Melee theme, Defend may be the power for you.

I also think that you would be much happier with Enhance and/or Embolden for that Warlock squad rather than just a single Destructor. That unit is already decent at CC, and a single Enhance will make them much better at it. Embolden will also help to make sure a random failed Ld check doesn't send you running off the board. And you will probably have to take a few such checks as a 4+ save rerolled is just a bit better than a 3+ save standard, and with low Toughness like that you will be taking lots of wounds coming in on foot. It is also best to consider Destuctor a power of convenience, the last one to be purchased or dropped as points allow. Enhance and Embolden will work great for the squad as a whole, Destructor is only really for the one guy...

Walking Banshees will have a heck of a time getting into combat effectively. These girls are way to fragile to just run across the field. There are a ton of things like Heavy Bolters out there that just love to eat these girls up. They could really use a transport, if you could manage it. I never see anyone run with Mirrorswords, though against anything Doomed with T4 or less they are statically better than an Executioner. Most people prefer the Executioner anyway, for the extra ability to perform well without Doom or on T5.

Inquisitor Malaclypse proposes several good options for the list. The key element missing in the list is a way to get your Melee units into combat without taking substantial losses, aka Transports. Those should allow you to close in with your hard hitting CC units and tear it up.

Dire Avengers are never really all that cut out for CC any way you build them, so the bare minimum 5 man squads may be a good idea to help buff out the points in the rest of the list. They probably just serve you better being used a mobile anti tank turrets that can hold objectives.
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