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I'd prefer multimeltas on the dreads. Every now and then a single melta shot is going to give big returns, which the autocannon doesn't offer

I actually quite like the vanilla terminators. Axes and mauls plus the AoBF lord will hurt rear armour 10 or 11 if you don't have anything else to attack, and if you take a lot of shooting on the turn you arrive at least you aren't losing expensive guys. I'd definitely take veterans of the long war on the lord though

Havoc launcher and combi bolter on the predator. The havoc launcher at least

And for the CSM squads, how about additional CCWs for all instead of the power fists? That's cheaper than a fist and I feel like all of those extra attacks would make me more likely to throw them into combat than a single power fist

I'd drop a couple of havocs to make up points. I don't think you'd have to drop more than one to make the changes I suggested but whatever you do is a matter of taste obviously
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