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Powerfists don't crack armor, hitting on 6s is fail.

Land Raiders need to carry something. TH/SS Termies rock face. Normal LR is a mess, but LRCs and LRRs are awesome.

Chaplains <<<< Librarians. Psychic defense and null zone are awesome.

If you go the Land Raider route, it's a lot of points invested in 1 unit that can be taken out by a lucky hit or just meltas. But when it works, it works wonderfully.

I'd try for something like this:

Librarian w/ Null Zone, Gate of Infinity

5 TH/SS Termies, LRC w/ MM, XA
2x Dreads w/ 2 TLAC

2x 10 Tacticals, MM, F, combi-melta, Rhino

Fast Attack
MM/HF Speeder

Heavy Support
2x Pred w/ AC, HB

Lotsa mech, lotsa dakka, flexibility and the big rock unit.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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