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Hay heretics need some help, so far I have 56 points to play with. So I thought I'd throw it out there, here's the list.

Nurgle lord, palanquin, demon heart, sigel and a power weapon 190
Lvl2 sorc, familiar 100

15 csm 2 melta, power weapon 240
Rhino havoc 47
5csm plasma rhino havoc 137
10 cultists flamer 55

Helldrake flamer 170

5 Havocs 4 auto cannons 115

Mayhem pack formation
Plasma, auto, melta 315

Wall of martyrs imp bunker with com's 75

Was gonna be crimson slaughter for free fear and 2+ lord. I know he is expensive but t5 2+\4+ and 5 wounds has got to be good in a blob, I'm thinking cultists in the spare rhino, Havocs in the bunker and just try and hold out till the brutes and drake come on.
Or alternatively

3x lv2 sorc familiar 300

3x csm plasma, rhino havoc 137
Leaving 114 points
I'm thinking melta terminater 112

This second option is probably the sensible way to go, but doesn't have a big threat unit to concentrate on while the rest of the army does the business.
So there it is what do you guys think, all comments welcome
Peace out heretics and may the corpse god's empire burn!

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You didn't seem to include the pts cost of the lord in your working. Though on a quick calc in my head you should have enough spare for him as you said with some spare.
Both lists look good, though I presume with the second list you will be ally with CSM to mean that you can have that 3rd HQ using 1 of the CSM units as the 3rd required Troop.
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