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Sooo, what are the roles of the Librarians? Where are they in the list?

It's a bit of a weird list - 3 mobile units but the rest footslogging - if the Tacticals go forwards they'll be a little unsupported. The Scouts have camo, but no snipers, and a BS 3 missile...

Maybe I'd try and mech. it all, but that's personal opinion - keep it as is for you. The Grey Knights are the only thing with combat ability, but are not too mobile - maybe dropping a Sternguard and maybe an Attack Bike for a couple of Psycannons for the Terminators so they can add their firepower to the 'gunline'. Drop the missile off the scouts, boost the numbers and add snipers.

In fact - you could swap the Bikes for a cheap Predator in order to do that.

Anyway, wait to see what others suggest as well, hope this helps anyway.
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