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This is a bit of a "what if?" list that I might try one day. The theory is that some Scouts were pottering about a planet like they do until one day they find something really bad and... (insert enemy army here) and Lysander drops in with his 1st company badasses and start to wreck face.


Lysander 200

Librarian 125
Terminator Armour
Null Zone


Terminators 200

Terminators 200

Terminators 460
10 Models
2 Cyclone Missile Launchers


Scouts 180
10 Models
Missile Launcher

Scouts 142
9 Models
Combat Weapons
Teleport Homer

Total: 1507

Sniper Scouts sit on the home objective while the other squad infiltrate forward for the Teleport homer. The Terminators drop down using the TH if they can, the big group combat squad down.

My main concern is a lack of ability to deal with AV14. Luckily, Land Raiders are rare down my way so the most I'll have to deal with are Rhinos and Wave Serpents.

This list will rely on a bucket load of luck but I think it would be fun to play and cheap to build to boot.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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