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1500 point Khorne Daemonkin, all-round list - Feedback wanted

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So I've tried this list a few times with big success - But as with everything, I am looking for some feedback to see if I could make it even better.

The target group is semi competitive, but not tournament level. It's for a gamer group where the level ranged from mid- to high-level players.

I have tried it against:

- a CC focused Ork army
- a shooty Ork army
- a defensive Chaos Space Marine Nurgle-themed army

All 3 matches was a big win for Daemonkin. However I want to see if it's possible to make a list that can deal with almost all kinds of list.

The list is as follows:

Slaughtercult: 905 points

1 x Chaos Lord (Juggernaut, Sigil of Corruption, Axe of Khorne, Lightning Claw, Melta Bombs)
195 points.

5 x Possessed
150 points

1 x 8 Bloodletters (Bloodreaper incl.)
1 x 8 Bloodletters (Bloodreaper incl.)
1 x 8 Bloodletters (Bloodreaper incl.)
1 x 8 Bloodletters (Bloodreaper incl.)
380 points

1 x Spawn
1 x Spawn
64 points

1 x 8 Cultists
1 x 8 Cultists
116 points

Gorepack: 592 points

1 x 3 Chaos Bikes (2 melta in each squad)
1 x 3 Chaos Bikes (2 melta in each squad)
192 points

1 x 5 Fleshhounds
1 x 5 Fleshhounds
1 x 5 Fleshhounds
1 x 10 hounds
400 points

Total: 1497 points

What I've done so far is put the Juggerlord in with the 10 dogs, and scouted all 4 dog packs up. I put 2 x 8 Bloodletters in reserve. The dogs and bikes race up to become the first wave, while the 2nd line comes up more slowly behind them. Spawn either grab objectives or charge big units first to eat the overwatch, depending on what is needed.

I'm primarily using bloodtithe points on spawning hounds and granting the Slaughtercult FnP, but depending on the situation I will either summon a Bloodthirster (if I'm drowning in points) or give them all +1 attack (if I'm about to charge) along with Rage and Furious Charge.

My experience so far is that the amount of bodies on the floor that will get in the enemyes face by turn 2 is so big that they simply cannot get it down in time. Once I'm there, I will start to reap some serious bloodtithe points and when by sheer numbers and I have a multitude of small unit on the table to grab objectives and by annoying.

My big weakness is flyers and high armor, outside of my lord and the bikes - But honestly I ignore flyers as they cannot do enough to this list, and if I encounter walkers I lock them down with fearless daemons. AV 13/14 vehicles I just ignore for the most part, as they are usually so expensive that I can maneuver around them in a objective game, as I bought so many units for the same pricetag they come with.

Any feedback is welcome.
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Its not a bad list but if you run into a nid player who plays FMC circus then you might be in trouble. I play This army as well and in my area I have played against nid player who uses at least 3 Flying tyrants and each having 12 S6 twin linked hitting on 3's is pretty deadly. I would say at least try and fit a ADL in there as well.
Very true point - Luckily no-one my in local meta play Tyranids presently. When someone comes with a list like that, I would be in major troubles. A ADL might not be a bad idea in that case.

I feel like there's really little in the way of AP2 in the list, apart from the Lord: might struggle against Deathwing or GK Termis+Dreadknights.
Also very true - My approach with them is just to shower them with high strength attacks and hope they fail their saves. I suppose I could replace some bloodletters with marines and a sergeant though, but it doesn't seem like a good replacement in terms of sheer amount of bodies to go through.

Another biker squad at least wouldn't be amiss.
I never really got bikes to work I must admit - I always find them dying too fast and rarely do anything other than "Hey, shoot at this guy" units :(
Out of interest why the axe and l claw?
Both are specialist weapons, so the Lightning Claw was the cheapest option to get a extra attack on the lord. Additionally, on regular marines I would still rather have the shred ability than Decapitating Blow.

While the axe is good, you don't get any extra strength on it. So it's a way to kill termies on initiative - On regular marines, a Lightning Claw is still better methinks.
I might rather Fisticlaws than the AoK, since you save 10 points (if you count the meltabombs too) and still get AP2, but also get mega-strength. Sure, sure, against an artificer/meganob/termi-armored enemy you'll be striking at I1, but otherwise... well, in basically every other case you're doing better. The most marked improvement is against Eldar Wraith stuff, seeing as you have a way to wound on 4+ while your shredding LC won't even touch them without burning Blood Points for Furious Charfge for the round you assault them.
Yeah you are probably right - The only place I might see a use for the axe is against big monstrous creatures, that are higher than 5 in toughness, as you have a chance to instant kill them with Decapitating Blows. Beyond that, you are most likely right - Unless you stick it on a Herald who doesn't have access to other AP2 weapons naturally.
Well here's a little update on the performance of this list.

So far, it has had a winning spree. I have yet to have a game that lasted longer than turn 4 before the opponent was either tabled or gave up due to a massive lead in points on my end.

The sheer amount of wounds to chew through at this point range, and the speed of the list overwhelms most lists. By turn 2 you will have half your army in lockdown, combat wise and the rest if grabbing objectives and being a general pain in the ass for the opponent. With daemons being fearless now, you can lock down a dreadnought with 8 Bloodletters for 2-3 rounds with no problem - This brings some serious lockdown power in your list, as you can do the same with a small squad of hounds.

Having not necessarily have to kill opponents, it's just as good if you can keep them out of the game for the rest of the turns. And this list is very VERY good at that. I have also brought this list against Knights, Landraider and other goodies and come out victories simply due to the fact that they spent so much points on that model, that I have several small squads that can survive it for the same points.

I have yet to try it against Tyranids but even with Flyrants, considering how much they cost, The opponent would have to kill a serious amoutn of the army to not loose board control.

Is it the perfect list? Far far from it.
Is it playable without having to buy 70£ Bloodthirster models, for those with money troubles? Absolutely, I have only summoned it once.
Is it fun to play and in the spirit of Khorne? Hell yes.
Is it effective? You bet!
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