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So I've tried this list a few times with big success - But as with everything, I am looking for some feedback to see if I could make it even better.

The target group is semi competitive, but not tournament level. It's for a gamer group where the level ranged from mid- to high-level players.

I have tried it against a CC focused Ork army, a Shooty Ork army and a defensive Chaos Space Marine army and all 3 matches was a big win for Daemonkin. However I want to see if it's possible to make a list that can deal with almost all kinds of list.

The list is as follows:

Slaughtercult: 905 points

1 x Chaos Lord (Juggernaut, Sigil of Corruption, Axe of Khorne, Lightning Claws, Melta Bombs)
195 points.

5 x Possessed
150 points

4 x 8 Bloodletters (Bloodreaper incl.)
380 points

2 x 1 Spawn
64 points

2 x 8 Cultists
116 points

Gorepack: 592 points

2 x 3 Bikes (2 melta in each squad)
192 points

3 x 5 Fleshhounds
240 points

1 x 10 hounds
160 points

Total: 1497 points

What I've done so far is put the Juggerlord in with the 10 dogs, and scouted all 4 dog packs up. I put 2 x 8 Bloodletters in reserve. The dogs and bikes race up to become the first wave, while the 2nd line comes up more slowly behind them. Spawn either grab objectives or charge big units first to eat the overwatch, depending on what is needed.

I'm primarily using bloodtithe points on spawning hounds and granting the Slaughtercult FnP, but depending on the situation I will either summon a Bloodthirster (if I'm drowning in points) or give them all +1 attack (if I'm about to charge) along with Rage and Furious Charge.

My experience so far is that the amount of bodies on the floor that will get in the enemyes face by turn 2 is so big that they simply cannot get it down in time. Once I'm there, I will start to reap some serious bloodtithe points and when by sheer numbers and I have a multitude of small unit on the table to grab objectives and by annoying.

My big weakness is flyers and high armor - But honestly I ignore flyers as they cannot do enough to this list, and if I encounter walkers I lock them down with fearless daemons. AV 13/14 vehicles I just ignore for the most part, as they are usually so expensive that I can maneuver around them in a objective game.

Any feedback is welcome.
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