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1500 point eldar list

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Hello everyone
We have a tourny coming up and I am looking at playing Eldar. This is what I came up with on the fly:

Jain Zar
Banshees x8, exarch, executioner
wave serpent, star cannons, spirit stones

warlock, conceal, singing spear
wraithguard x5
wave serpent, star cannon, spirit stones

Fire dragons x4, exarch, dragons breath
wave serpent, spirit stones, scannons

guardians x10, scatter laser
guardians x10, scatter laser

Fire Prism
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You NEED a Farseer, you army will fall to bits without his powers and Jain zar is not worth her points. The words POWER FIST comes to mind.
Except for the fact that she has eternal warrior, 3 wounds and a WS of 7, so realistically a vet sarge with a pf should take her hour in 2-3 turns, although with Jain Zar and banshees you should wipe out a marine squad in 1, and if your getting charged your doing it wrong.

That said however I feel that she isn't an effective use of points at this level, for the longest time I ran karandras is a 1500pts scorp list and it really stops you from taking as much stuff.

what I would do is drop jain zar and Yriel and take a normal farseer with fortune and doom, they will be able to make your banshees route in one turn and keep them safe if they dont, the wraithguard I personally don't like in transports, it loses their effectiveness I would say either take 10 and give them a warlock with conceal and march them up the board with something killy behind them or don't take them at all. The fire dragons also need more members desperately, being your only anti-tank I find 8 to be a good number they also don't really need an exarch to be effective as he doesn't offer any squad powers.

On now the guardians, most people don't like them, personally I do they can be underestimated like guardsmen weapon choice on them is good as well and they can be a pretty solid unit in cover, however you list really is lacking the ability to sweep in and take objectives, the guardians will get cut down if they advance, I would say take a squad of jetbikes or avengers to compensate for this.

Here's what I would do:

Farseer, Guide, doom, fortune, soul stones,
10 Bansees, exarch, executioner,
Wave serpent, Bright Lance,

8 Firedragons,
Wave serpent, Bright Lance,

10 guardians, Scatter Laser,
10 Guardians, Scatter Laser,

10 Dire Avengers, Exarch, Dual catapults, Bladestorm
Wave Serpant, scatterlaser, Hull Shuriken Cannon

Fire Prism, Holofield

Fire prism Holofield

well that ends up as about 1497 points, and it has most of the units that you mentioned earlier, I hope my huge post helps.
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