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1500 point eldar list

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Hello everyone
We have a tourny coming up and I am looking at playing Eldar. This is what I came up with on the fly:

Jain Zar
Banshees x8, exarch, executioner
wave serpent, star cannons, spirit stones

warlock, conceal, singing spear
wraithguard x5
wave serpent, star cannon, spirit stones

Fire dragons x4, exarch, dragons breath
wave serpent, spirit stones, scannons

guardians x10, scatter laser
guardians x10, scatter laser

Fire Prism
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i cannot vouch for the effectiveness of any Phoenix Lord except Asurmen as he's the only one i've ever used.

however, while Jain Zar is nothing to sneeze at, i do agree she is much to expensive of an HQ at 1500 pts., and let's be hones here, Banshees do much better when running with a Farsee at this point level.

Tigirus' list is very good, i'd use it or a variation of it.

good hunting.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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