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1500 noob Skaven

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Hey there, I'm very new to fantasy and I have yet to play a game in the 8th ed so all advice is welcomed.

Grey Seer 270

Chieftain 77
Halberd, enchanted shield, BSB

3x 25 clan rats 165 ea.
Shields, musician, ratling gun

20 slaves 42

29 Stormvermin 307
shields, full command Storm Banner (chieftain goes here)

21 giant rats 77

Hellpit 235

So tell me what you think, I am not sold on the grey seer though i like the model a lot.
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try to get some poisoned wind mortars for those tasty templates
i always manage ok with them in 8th all those big units mmmmmmmmmmm big units:crazy:
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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